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Location Europe
Version 1011132
Platform Windows
Map islands
Registered by Lufson
Registered since January 24th, 2024 05:21 PM EST
Last update January 24th, 2024 05:21 PM EST
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About This Server

What you need to know about the Biohazard server, It is a Hard server with a few simplifications so that the game is not boring and provides more experiences and emotions than the official servers

On the server, the night lasts 30 minutes
On our server you cannot build in buildings or cities (Building in buildings disabled)
Hunger and water drops slower on the server
On the server, the drop (AirDrop 55%, Airplane crash 35%, UFO 10%) is dropped every 120 - 130 minutes
On the server you can hide your backpack and rifles in your backpack
On the server you can create metal elements (those that are pulled by a car)
On the server, drop is similar to that from official servers.
We can lift a maximum of 150 kg on the server
Most items connect on the server
On the server there are special plane crashes with 2 crates (2 Airdrop and 1 large, backpacks with equipment)
On the server, metal items (the ones you bring to the base) respawn 2 to 5 hours after you collect them. They will not respawn immediately after the restart!
Server restarts at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 UK time.
The resource extraction limit has been increased from 45 to 55 on the server
Ironore and pyrite burning speed up from 60s to 10s on the server.
New commands added on the server
On the server, we can respawn in our bed or in the bed of a friend from our clan every 10 minutes
On the server we see the golden inscription "Admin" above the admins' heads when they are on the faction and you can't hurt them, nor an admin can hurt you
On the server, mutants have new skills (e.g. Brute throws fire, spike is faster and throws venom, etc.)
On the server, after death, we respawn with basic equipment (backpack, etc.)
There is a Donator rank on the server with better
On the server, we get a random reward for 45 minutes of activity on the server (we do not get a reward when we are in the base)
On the server, we see markers from GPS
The weapons on the server have a different DMG than on the official servers
On the server, people from the same Clan can see each other (they can see the nickname in green, the amount of life in % and the distance up to 800m)
On the server, instead of IronKiosk, we have a Terminal PC that you create in Crafting> base building> utilites and you can put it in the base, in the terminal you will find many functions such as cameras, games and a market where you can display or buy items from other players.
An option in the death menu "Respawn in Safe Zone" has been added on the server
A taxi NPC has been modified on the server that will teleport us to the area of a given city
Recycler Machine has been added to the server in which you can buy items with amCredit and an anti-mutation chip that you exchange in the machine for amCredit (1 anti-mutation chip = 20 amCredit which will be added to your bank)