Miscreated Updated 1.11.0 - Safezones!

Posted on June 23rd, 2020 11:13 AM EST

Trader System
  • This update introduces the brand new trader system in Miscreated
  • Multiple trader NPCs have been added to both Orcas Island and Canyonlands allowing players to buy and sell items using AmCoins
  • Each trader will have a different inventory with some static items and random items
  • Each server restart, some traders will offer a completely different set of items for players to purchase
  • The traders will never run out of items, which mean players can buy the same item any number of time they want

    A special trader was also hidden to both maps - it will sell more rare and sought after items but at a risk because they are not within a safezone

Outpost / Safezone
  • For this update, we also added safezone to both Miscreated maps
  • Safezones act as a social hub for players to meet, group up and chat without the risk of getting shot by players or bit by mutants
  • The safezone also serves as a home for most traders
  • Each outpost also has various campfires and barbecues for players to cook food, planters to grow crops, kiosk to store and withdraw items, and small bunkers in the event where players need to take shelter due to a storm
  • Safezones are marked by 3 huge fulton balloons floating above them making them easy to find on each map

  • The vehicle system has been adjusted for this update
  • Vehicles in Miscreated were made out of multiple components each having their own health pool but due to limitations of the UI, displaying the health of each component was never implemented
  • We decided to simplify the vehicle system by removing the unnecessary components and vehicular weak points and only keeping the main hull for damage
  • The benefits of doing so is that the vehicles are now much more durable and the health displayed in the UI will represent the actual health of the vehicle itself - no more hidden health
  • We also increased the health of most vehicles

Cooking System
  • The cooking system was also revamped
  • Players will now be able to buy 3 new cooking books from the cooking trader to learn new crafting recipes
  • These new recipes are designed to tie together the food related systems that were added in prior updates - such as hunting, farming and cooking
  • Each recipes will require multiple ingredients to craft, but will provide players with much more food and most can be partially consumed
  • Items that can be partially consumed will refill your hunger meter by the amount it needs to fill it to 100% (no more over eating)

  • Added support for AI modding (profiles, factions)
  • Added support for custom context menu actions
  • Added support for 3d coodinate flash mapping
  • Added inventory lock override support
  • Added bind for actionable menu reset
  • Added support for entity non-uniform scaling
  • Added query clan lua support
  • Updated complete scriptbind listing in github
  • Added get httpserver lua support
  • Added support for vehicles-health/jsons(contents, fluids, skin, etc.)

  • Added 3 new cooking guides
  • Added Bear sandwich
  • Added Ham sandwich
  • Added Wolf sandwich
  • Added Deer sandwich
  • Added PBJ sandwich
  • Added Jelly sandwich
  • Added PB sandwich
  • Added Chicken sandwich
  • Added Bear stew
  • Added Deer stew
  • Added Wolf stew
  • Added Ham stew
  • Added Chicken stew
  • Added Mushroom stew
  • Added Clam stew
  • Added Seaweed stew
  • Added Vegetables stew
  • Added Bear roast
  • Added Deer roast
  • Added Wolf roast
  • Added Ham roast
  • Added Chicken roast
  • Added Coffee bag
  • Added Bread

  • Adjusted the recoil pattern on some weapons
  • Added extended C-Mag for 5.56 based weapons
  • Removed HuntingScope support on the M16 and AK5D
  • Increased M40 bullet velocity (buffed range)
  • Increased ACAW bullet velocity (buffed range)

  • Added an additional painting for your base

  • Reduced spawn rate of most AR, SMG and automatic weapons
  • Reduced spawn rate of some ammo types (mostly ammo that goes along with the reduced weapon spawns)
  • Reduced spawn rate of medicines such as anti-radiation, antibiotics and mushrooms - be careful what you eat
  • Reduced spawn rate of most food items
  • Reduced Spawn rate of M97 and its ammo
  • Added prices to most items for the trader system - will probably have to adjust item prices based on player feedback
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