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Database Update

We needed to make a major update to our game's database to prevent issues such as some of the item duping methods. As a result of the database update, all characters and items in the database have been deleted. All items in vehicles, crates, and tents have also been deleted - all items in the game. All guides, bases, vehicle locations and anything that is not a character or item is not affected by this change. We strive to not delete any data from the database unless absolutely required, but in this case it was required


  • Added some more descriptive hit types that will appear in the damage logs


  • Fixed client and server crashes related to the laser sight
  • Shader cache updated to reduce stalls while playing
  • Fixed issue with thrown items not working correctly when in the far northern or eastern areas of the map
  • Fixed issue with generators' state not being correctly sent to new clients joining a server
  • When items are dropped their position and direction is now slightly randomized - helps prevent perfect towers of sticks
  • Oxygen stat is now correctly synchronized between the server and client
  • Fixed elevator in Hayward
  • Fixed the floating scope/invisible weapon issue
  • Blocked ability to drop current weapon during reload animation
  • Disable sprinting during a reload animation
  • Disable attacking while using free look
  • Pressing 'F' to drop an animal now correctly drops it

Base Building

  • Traps placed in your base will persist through server restarts


  • Made reticule dots smaller allowing for precise aiming
  • Replaced hunting scope crosshair with one allowing for more precise aiming
  • Hide player's peripheral vision while aiming with the hunting scope
  • Laser sight beam opacity reduced (less visible)
  • Football helmets added with many variations - provides some head protection
  • Green and blue beam laser sights added
  • Reduced max stick pile size to 10 (was 15)
  • Landmine particle effect improved
  • Added craftable bolts for the crossbow


  • Dune buggy added
  • Armored trucks added
  • Fixed physics proxies on the sedans so they are no longer bullet proof
  • Tweaked and fixed vehicle exit collision checks to prevent glitching into buildings and bases
  • Vehicle explosion particle effect changed


  • Removed steam particle effect and steam sound from broken vehicle (was too loud and unsuited)
  • Removed invalid models that caused the "replace me" balls
  • Added new diner building
  • Old broken bus model replaced with a new bus model that looks much better
  • Replaced some of the other broken models that were still on the map with their updated version
  • Fixed some issues with sewer pieces not rendering far enough
  • Ocean sound removed at world origin, so you don't hear it while joining a server


  • Torpidity stat bar now displays as soon as there is any torpidity (instead of the minimum of 10 before)
  • Chat window updated with more support for Unicode character sets and reduced tab header sizes
  • Simplified bullet/blood HUD effects to fix issues with randomly playing the wrong effect
  • Antialiasing mode SMAA 2TX added
  • Server browser now correctly orders servers based on the sorted column


  • Fix for brute getting stuck in narrow spaces
  • When spawned in mutants will bias towards players within their area
  • Reduced network bandwidth AI uses by about 95%


  • Dune buggy animations
  • Armored truck animations
  • Hoodies now correctly display decals 
  • KrissV mag changed to use a small magazine due to it only having 15 bullets. New reload animation for this mag size
  • KrissV pose polish
  • Change to heavy landing animation setup. Now if the player lands heavily whilst carrying an animal, the player will still be holding the animal correctly instead of it being attached to the hand
  • New 870 tactical shotgun firing animation
  • 870 tactical shotgun pose polish


  • Added sounds and additional direction lights for elevator running
  • Changed Generator attenuation profile for much sharper attenuation


  • Adjusted the physics proxy on the round campground tents so items don't disappear under the floor when spawned in
  • Fixed missing material on craftable palisades
  • Adjusted glass material in the broken buses
  • Scope materials have been adjusted to produce less glare
Miscreated Patch 50 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/31/miscreated-patch-50/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/31/miscreated-patch-50/ Tue, 20 Jun 2017 18:02 CEST
AI System
Kythera now runs all AI on top of our optimized "animal" system. There will likely be some AI issues related to moving to the animal system that we will fix in future updates

  • Several types of traps have now been added to the game
  • All traps will be removed on a server restart (they are not base building items and can be placed anywhere)
  • Most traps are crafted, but some can also be found in the world
  • Some traps are destroyed when triggered
  • Some traps are disabled when triggered and need to be reset
  • To reset some traps requires an item in your inventory - flare trap, for example
  • Traps can be packed up and moved
  • Traps can be shot to damage, destroy, and trigger them
  • Some traps need a guide to be made

Adjusted default time so daytime lasts 6 hours (real time) and nights are only 1.5 hours. This change gives most players the experience to play during daylight hours in game. Server renters can still override the default times

World Action System
Players can now interact with many things in the world (more will be added in future updates). Some examples:
  • Drink from rivers (this will make you sick in a future update)
  • Search for rocks on the ground (depending on the terrain)
  • Search for sticks from specific bushes
  • Tearing rags from some cloth items
  • Searching vending machines for soda
And a few more...

  • Optimizations to reduce server CPU usage by about 9% from prior versions
  • Slightly increased overall item spawn rates
  • Belt slot added to character's inventory - can be used to store some smaller equipment
  • Fix for flashlight on/off state getting out of sync between clients
  • Adjusted recoil screen shake
  • Helmets now provide head protection (amount varies based on the helmet)

  • Added a new Skyscraper exterior at the base of the tower in Hayward
  • Added a new underground carpark in Hayward with a connection tunnel to the sewer system
  • More map expansion to north of Brightmoor
  • Added new Orca Dam location in North Brightmoor region
  • Fixed a few minor level issues reported by players

  • Survivotron can be activated and listened to while it's in a belt slot (doesn't need to be the active weapon)
  • Fixed spelling of smoke grenades
  • Fixed squeegee spawn direction
  • Added MP5 style weapon
  • Added 10mm magazine for the MP5 weapon
  • Added rare M249 weapon - shoots 5.56 rounds
  • Added rare 100 capacity magazine for the M249
  • Repair kits added
  • Large magazines may need to be unloaded more than once - each time will give you a max pile size of ammo
  • Reduced max pile size for 9mm rounds from 40 to 30
  • Reduced max pile size for .22 rounds from 15 to 10
  • New jackets added - 4 color variations
  • Yellow track pants added
  • Fixed survival knife not casting shadows
  • Katana added
  • Two new recipe guides added - Traps 1 and Traps 2

Base Building
  • Most base parts can now be upgraded from wood to plated - requires Sheet Metal in your inventory
  • Plated base parts have higher health than its wooden version
  • Plated base parts can be packed up and moved as a plated part
  • Larger bases can now last up to four weeks (was two weeks)

  • Fuel and oil levels are restored on a server restart
  • Vehicles consume fuel and oil while their engines are running

  • Splash screen changed and Crytek copyright added
  • Two new belt slots added - used to store more utility focused items - handcuffs, Survivotron, rope, ...
  • Old video options is now broken into two tabs - Display and Graphics
  • A few more controls have been added to adjust display and graphics options
  • Many context menu options added to the Survivotron to control it
  • Added keybind to toggle HUD's visibility (useful for taking screenshots)
  • Updated wool glove icons to match in game models
  • Fix for favorite items not working in the server browser
  • Temperature bar will no longer be visible (will be added back in with a temperature system update)
  • Individual status bars will only be visible when they are at 99% or less (or above 1% for bad related stats)
  • Radiation and torpidity bars are now green when in the good range and proceed to red as they get worse

  • Player death sounds now play
  • Added M249 sounds
  • Added bear trap sounds
  • Fixed Renegade 700 reload sound so it doesn't play server wide
  • Footstep sounds added for two-headed dog
  • Footstep sounds added for grey wolves

  • AI counts in the game have been increased
  • More AI spawn locations added
  • Fixed physics proxy issue on a couple of the AI
  • Hurt and death sounds now play

  • Fixed skinning influence on the main character's toes
  • Altered punching so you are less prone to pass through walls
  • Removed procedural layer, which was causing vehicles to be pushed through terrain if sat on top of them
  • M40a5, Carlington, and Hunting rifle reloads had a polishing pass
  • MP5 animation set added
  • All clothing for the main character altered to stop clipping between layers
  • Crouching and walking with rifle caused hyperextension in the left arm. This is no longer the case
  • Change firemode sounds added
  • Leather jacket skinned
  • M249 animations added

Textures and Materials
  • Updated campfire
Miscreated Patch 49 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/30/miscreated-patch-49/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/30/miscreated-patch-49/ Fri, 19 May 2017 16:32 CEST
Torpidity and Unconsciousness System Added
See section at end of the patch notes for an overview

Whitelisted servers can now remain online up to 24h without restart (a very busy server is still recommended to be restarted every 12 hours)

  • Campfire will now turn off when wood is removed from it
  • Campfire won't use up lumber after being extinguished
  • Balanced damage amounts and sound radius on almost all weapons
  • Added torpidity handling to consumables and medical items
  • Fixed issue with last round not being fired/heard for remote clients
  • Fixed for ladders to help prevent players becoming invisible from using them
  • Magazine and ammo piles cannot be unloaded or split while in a weapon
  • Fixed several item spawn locations to reduce floating items when spawned in
  • Fixes for invisible player issue
  • Fixes for "Another player is too close" issues
  • Added ability to loot corpses while swimming
  • Rocks, sticks, and mushrooms can now be found around the world on the ground
  • Adjusted spawn rates of different ammunition types
  • Increased chance for weapon attachments to spawn
  • Fixed performance issue with more detailed logging levels enabled
  • Can now loot all items from a bound or incapacitated player

  • Added craftable solar powered generator
  • Added craftable arrow types
  • Crafted sandbags will be dropped on the ground if the player's inventory is full
  • Added wolf pelt rug for base building
  • Added stone hammer, hatchet, and pickaxe

  • Tranquillizer gun and darts added
  • Shotgun bean bag rounds added
  • Sleep, tear, and nerve grenades added
  • Solar panel crafting parts added
  • Added some stone weapons
  • Fix for some consumables not playing emote/sound
  • Eating a rotten apple now causes a negative effect
  • Crossbows and bows always spawn with arrows
  • Added red headlamp
  • Added adrenaline syringe

  • Changed base implementation of the 5-ton truck - better physics, suspension, rolling, tire slipping behaviors - can climb steeper slopes

  • Added expansive sewer system to Hayward Valley
  • Added some extra detail and some expansion east of Hayward Valley
  • Attempt to block Quad bikes from going up the stairs in the hotel building

  • Updated main menu hints with hints related to this update
  • Added status bar rows for stamina and torpidity (bars will be hidden in a future update when not needed to reduce the amount visible)

  • Rocks thrown by AI no longer cause increased damage due to headshots

  • Rats now play squeaking noises
  • Added some additional checks to hopefully prevent weapon fire sounds from not being distance attenuated
  • Splash sound added when you jump in shallow water

Base Building
  • For normal build rules, plot signs can only be placed on the terrain or on top of rocks (existing plot signs are not affected)
  • Fixed decay timer issue when an item is added/removed/moved in a tent or storage crate

  • Megalite - altered position so on/off animation matches flashlight and small megalite
  • Unconscious animation set added
  • Tranquilizer gun animation set added
  • Sit exit animation now is triggered correctly
  • Reason for console spam during movement around AI fixed
  • M40A5 FP poses and animations changed to better match TP (for when scope is used)
  • AKM reload polished
  • Wasteland22 fire animation polished as well as refinement of the left hand position
  • Self search animations added when inventory window is open
  • Added animation when picking up items
  • Slope animations for all movement changed as well as alterations to the set up to improve the smoothness of motion on hills
  • Terrain foot alignment added for a couple of idles which were missing it
  • Wool gloves skinning error fixed. Tearing of mesh won't occur now when doing certain movements such as the middle finger emote
  • Renegade 700 fire rate altered to match animation length

Torpidity and Unconsciousness System Explanation
  • The unconsciousness lasts for about 30 seconds, 10 of those are a full blackout the rest is a recovery period
  • The unconscious effect can be extended by applying more torpidity to the knocked out player or made shorter by making him smell salt
  • Aspirin and Energy Drinks help counteract existing torpidity when consumed
  • Salt can be used to wake someone up just enough for them to stand
  • An adrenaline syringe can be used to instantly wake someone up and removes all visual effects
  • VoIP can be used while unconscious
  • Unconscious players can be incapacitated with duct tape and other binding items
Miscreated Patch 48 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/29/miscreated-patch-48/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/29/miscreated-patch-48/ Sat, 01 Apr 2017 19:10 CEST
  • Fixed bug that was allowing bases to be built anywhere on public (non-whitelisted) servers
  • Server time is also output when using the status command

  • Anti-rad pills can now be used when a player's radiation is at 100%
  • Radiation zones will now affect all players within a zone
  • Molotovs no longer explode if they contact water
  • Several fixes related to the mouse cursor
  • Adjusted algorithm that determines when a player's head is underwater
  • Improved streetlight glow effect - less pixel flickers and better performance

  • Fixed issue with AI not spawning correctly after being killed
  • Fixed issue with mutant packs being incorrectly spawned as wolf packs from a logic standpoint

  • Increased spawn chance for anti-rad mushrooms
  • Removed rear sights from M16 and Mk18 (getting ready for future scopes)
  • Chemlight duration decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, radius from 20m to 15m
  • Added more colors for the bike helmets
  • New salt shaker item (used in crafting)

  • Fixed minor issue with updating vehicle's wheel positions

  • Updated the road tunnel north of Woodhaven with an updated model, lighting and item spawners
  • Optimized gas station prefabs
  • Optimized domestic garage prefabs
  • Fixed floating jerry can spawn points in domestic garages
  • Player spawn points revamped and cover a larger range of the southern area of the map
  • Wolf spawns adjusted
  • Increased view distance of air ducts on top of the shop-n-save

  • Fixed duffel bag icon to be correct color
  • Toggle keys added for zooming and sprinting forward

  • Fixed a lot of audio events missing from surface collisions

  • Some mixed drink recipes added
  • Wooden toilet added for bases

  • Male no sleeve vest vertex coloring fixed - clothing will now have same color as when dropped on the ground
  • Optimized on ground model for the recurve bow
  • Added some IK bones for LOD characters, so animations work correctly after bones have been LOD'd
  • Added sound to kick animations
  • Fixes to eating and drinking animations added
  • Tweaks to player's IKs to help with transitions
  • Fixed LOD files for the female's tennis shoes
  • Massively reduced the number of bones needed for AI to optimize animation system for AI, added new LODs
  • New Carlington firing and racking animation
  • M40A5 - fixed double racking sounds when firing looking down the scope
  • New M40A5 firing and racking animation
  • New Hunting Rifle firing and racking animation

  • Fixed issue with normal map on female's eyes
  • Improved shipping container material so they can be placed on their sides
  • Made labels on alcohol bottles two-sided so you can see them through the sides
  • Adjusted materials for the supermarket
  • Improved coffee cup materials
  • Added LODs for recurve bow when on the ground
  • Fixed vertex colors for the no sleeve vests
  • Reduced specular value on the sandbags
  • Fixes issues with some of the fire department materials
  • Fixed physics proxies on some house walls - made them thicker
  • Improved physics proxy on the carlift and ramps
  • Fixed proxy on three story house to stop players from jumping through the windows
  • LODs added for duffel bags when on the ground
Miscreated Patch 46 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/28/miscreated-patch-46/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/28/miscreated-patch-46/ Wed, 15 Feb 2017 18:00 CET

Female Character

The female character has been added and is now playable. You may change to the female character through the Player Setup options on the main menu screen

Note: If you already have a character on a server you must die (you can use the suicide function), then exit to the main menu before respawning, then change your gender to female (or male if switching from female), then rejoin the server. This is the only way you can do it that didn't require us to wipe the servers. If you are joining a server you haven't played on before it will use whatever gender you have selected, you will not need to die and rejoin.


We added additional game rules that have been requested by server administrators,
however some of those settings do not represent our vision for a survival game.
Nontheless, as acknowledgement of the customization requests, they have been added, but are only supported on whitelisted servers. The entire Faction System is explained at the end of these patch notes.

Chat Commands

  • Chat commands can be typed into the chat window and can be used to get additional game information
  • The current chat commands are:
  • !uptime (amount of time the server has been running for)
  • !ping (your ping time to the server)
  • !restart (time until next scheduled server restart)
  • !server (name of server you are playing on - and motd messages)
  • !pop (displays the server population)


  • Fixed issue with new shutdown/scheduling commands not working via rcon or in the hosting.cfg
  • Servers can now be configured to adjust where players can build bases at. There are three options listed below:
    • g_gameRules_bases=0 (players cannot build bases on the server)
    • g_gameRules_bases=1 (default - can only build in the default, allowed areas)
    • g_gameRules_bases=2 (players can build anywhere, but can ONLY be set on a Whitelisted server)
    One of the g_gameRules_bases lines could be added to the server's hosting.cfg file - leave out the comment in ()

Servers - Whitelisted Only

The following new features will only work if you have your server set up to whitelist players. All normal (non-whitelisted) servers need to run the same game rules, so these do NOT apply to them.
  • Added ability to block any Steam IDs with VAC/game bans from joining the server - set sv_noBannedAccounts=1 in hosting.cfg file
  • Added ability to notify all players when a new players connects or a player disconnects - set sv_msg_conn=1 in hosting.cfg file
  • Added ability to notify all players when a player is killed - displays killer, victim, and weapon/vehicle used - set sv_msg_death=1 in hosting.cfg file

Base Building

  • Part damage colors have been re-introduced - parts should darken at each 25% of damage caused to them
  • Made tiki torch light more subtle, better particle effect, slight lens flare added
  • Bronze gnome added (so you can have bronze, silver, and gold!)
  • Any clan member interacting with a base will reset the despawn timer - including opening a crate's inventory


  • Arrow damage was updated to use our kinetic-based damage system (now is consistent with bullets)
  • Adjusted view distances for all specs to ensure gameplay is fair across all settings
  • Adjusted vehicle spawning code to help prevent some servers spawning with too many vehicles
  • Potential fixes for a couple of additional client crashes (from BugSplat integration)
  • Don't allow items to be dropped while on a ladder
  • Resolutions below 720 in height or 1024 in width are not supported and have been removed from the resolutions list
  • Added rear cargo lights to the 5-ton truck (default is "t" key)
  • Woodland trees can now be harvested for wood
  • Adjusted harvesting message to indicate you may be carrying too much weight
  • Added message that is displayed if you are trying to pick up an item that already has other items inside of it
  • Game properly hides skin mesh under long clothes (will still be seen in inventory view)


  • Reflex sight added - can only be used on the AT-15 - support for M16 and Mk18 will be added later
  • Decreased basic flashlight spawn chance
  • Adjusted ratio of drink to food items since several drinks can be refilled
  • Increased spawn chance of the lugwrench since it's the only item that can be used to repair vehicles
  • Torch no longer set players on fire when not lit


  • Added new area north of Woodhaven with road access to Hayward
  • Can now access river by Horseshoe beach to the ocean so you can drive a boat from river to ocean
  • Updated the shire swamp area
  • Various other minor fixes and tweaks around the world
  • Moved a weapon spawner that was impossible to loot in the three story houses
  • Replaced some of the old assets used in the three story homes with new ones
  • Fixed rain occluder in the single story house


  • Updated icons for the hammer and hatchet


  • Fixed rooster idle so the sound is correctly played


  • Don't allow any fullbody emotes (opening inventory, for example) to be used while on ladders - would cause animation issues
  • Pick up object animation added
  • Male tshirt mesh altered to stop clipping with trousers
  • Skinning on stowpack altered to fix issues around straps
  • Crouching search container dedicated animation added instead of using standing


  • Adjusted textures on the pickaxe
  • Adjusted plywood material to look better
  • Fixed missing texture for the basebuilding electrical cables
  • Adjusted some of the Bistro assets - umbrellas and chairs
  • Improved textures for some of the single story and three story houses
  • Fixed missing tuna can material at distance
  • Fixed materials for two of the sunglasses models
  • Adjusted materials on the quonset military building
  • Adjusted materials on the sleeping bags
  • Fixed shading issues on the gas station
  • 5-ton truck - fixed glass not showing impacts, adjust physics proxies, reduced drawcalls
  • Fixed burned material setup on pick up truck
  • Many more adjustements and tweaks to textures

Faction System

The faction system can support a multitude of scenarios like PVE, factions, or role play. Players, mutants/animals and bases have each already been assigned to a builtin faction and the damage caused between those factions is controlled in detail by a damage multiplier matrix described in the following sections.

Players can also join additional defined factions by issuing a chat command that is the name of the faction (in the faction example below it would be !lawmen or !outlaw since those are the defined names for factions). After a faction is joined it can't be left until a server restart. A player's current faction can be determined with the chat command "!faction".

Server administrators can fully customize the factions by turning them on/off, the damage amounts, faction names and faction access based on Steam IDs.

Up to 4 additional factions can be defined. By default two are already predefined: lawmen and outlaw - each of those can be redefined by the server administrator.

Faction Definition

Special builtin faction indexes: (builtin factions can't be disabled) The indexes will be used in some of the following commands.

0 - players (without an assigned faction)
1 - environment (mutants, animals, etc)
2 - bases

To use a player faction they must be enabled, like in the following example
g_gameRules_faction3=1 (activate first additional faction - faction index 3)
g_gameRules_faction4=1 (activate second additional faction - faction index 4)
g_gameRules_faction5=1 (activate third additional faction - faction index 5)
g_gameRules_faction6=1 (activate fourth additional faction - faction index 6)

Once each player faction is enabled then you can define addtional settings and rules for them In the following examples [0-6] means to specify one of the faction indexes.

Sets the faction's name and chatcommand keyword to join that faction. Each faction name must be unique.

By default anyone can join a faction, but it can restricted by adding a semicolon separated list of 64-bit Steam IDs

By default every faction does normal damage to every other faction, but a damage multiplier can be specified for any combination of factions - it's a 7x7 damage multiplier matrix. As examples, you could use the following values on the right side of the equals sign to scale the default damge done between to two specified factions:

0.0 no damage
0.5 means half damage
1.0 normal damage
2.0 double damage

The faction system allows, as one example, a PVE server with the following rules:
  • players can't damage each other and bases
  • players can join a outlaw or lawmen faction
  • outlaw and lawmen can fight each other while the other players are unaffected
  • lawmen can't damage each other
  • players can damage outlaws but not lawmen
  • outlaws could be allowed to damage bases while lawmen can't
  • the environment can damage anyone (and to increase difficulty player damage to them can be halfed while damage to players could be doubled)
  • messages for deaths and join/disconnect

The following added to the hosting.cfg configures all of the above settings:

-- Example section to add to hosting.cfg file (PVE with outlaw and lawmen) --
-- lawmen need to join the faction with !lawmen chat command
-- outlaw need to join the faction with !outlaw chat command

-- default (no faction assigned) players can't damage each other and bases

-- players can join an outlaw or lawmen faction

-- outlaw and lawmen can fight each other while the unassigned players are unaffected

-- lawmen can't damage each other

-- players can damage outlaws but not lawmen

-- outlaws could be allowed to damage bases while lawmen can't

-- environemt can damage anyone (and to increase difficulty player damage to them can be halfed while damage to players could be doubled)

-- messages for deaths and join/disconnect

-- to allow only specific players to join the lawmen group do the following:
-- the following would only allow the Steam IDs of Miscreated and MrsMiscreated to join the lawmen faction

-- uncomment if wanted: allow bases to be built everywhere
-- (if abused you can define a access restricted faction with a high damage multiplier to clean them up)
-- g_gameRules_bases=2]]>
Miscreated Patch 45 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/27/miscreated-patch-45/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/27/miscreated-patch-45/ Wed, 25 Jan 2017 23:50 CET

  • The ability has been added to the servers to automatically schedule restarts. Refer to the end of these patchnotes for all the details.

  • Shader cache updated to reduce stalls while playing
  • Removed unneeded database updates when loading a server's stored state
  • Optimized database updates from the servers (about half as many needed now)
  • Several adjustments to help prevent duping of items
  • Fixed issue where database left many items orphaned (caused database bloat)
  • Fixed issue where combat logging could remove all items from the player
  • Removed over 1GB of stock CryEngine assets from the install
  • Several more potential fixes for client and server crashes
  • Adjusted physics proxy for player to closer match the player model
  • More information displayed for the "Item cannot be carried" message
  • Reduced max camera angles vertically to prevent looking inside of your own body
  • Can't jump when crouched or sitting
  • Fixed one issue that was causing players to get kicked while playing
  • Ladders fixed so you can't get on them at the bottom from behind (prevents using them through walls)
  • Potential fix for cursor bug on high DPI displays
  • Optimized vehicle inventory items to reduce server network thread CPU usage
  • Optimized player corpse inventory items to reduce server network thread CPU usage
  • While in a vehicle a player can access their own inventory, so they can eat/drink/reload/etc.
  • Added sanity checks to help prevent 0 count ammo piles when splitting
  • Added additional checks to help prevent primary weapons and backpacks being stored inside of player's items
  • Aiming fixes for shooting weapons (accuracy and speed)
  • Players killed inside of a vehicle are now lootable
  • Added ability to push small vehicles, like the boat, so it can be pushed into the water

  • Headlamp added (can be turned on/off via context menu in the UI)
  • Fixed barbed wire not being able to be packed up
  • Fixed gnomes not being able to be packed up
  • Made balaclavas rippable to rags
  • Made no sleeve vests rippable to rags
  • Lug wrench can no longer repair base walls
  • Rifle flashlight attachment light changed to match small megalite
  • Increased .45 ACP stack size to 30
  • Glowing material added to flashlights when they're on
  • Some camping related baseparts
  • Move gun spawn that was stuck on a shelf
  • Widened physics proxy opening on privacy fence so players can go through the gaps
  • Another variation of camping tents spawn in the world
  • Fixed a shelf that players could get stuck behind

Base Building
  • Some new camping related parts are now spawning

  • Expanded West region of Hayward and the river leading to Hayward: Now you can drive a boat up to Hayward
  • More of the northern river from Brightmoor: includes a bit more of the road towards the dam and a swamp area across the river
  • The building in Hayward with the missing door that everyone falls into should be fixed
  • Added rain occluders to cabins, so it doesn't rain inside of them
  • Police department floor modified to help prevent items falling through it when dropped
  • Junk/Lumberyard South of Brightmoor updated

  • Fixed throwing sounds for grenade and flashbang
  • Added sounds to birds

  • More hints added to main menu
  • Partial fix for some mouse scaling issues with high DPI monitors (doesn't fix it for everyone yet)

  • Rifles hands up emotes fix. Left hand no longer goes to incorrect position
  • New base movement animation set added for raised fists and raised melee weapon stances
  • Fixed left wrist while crouch moving in raised stance for pistols and rifles
  • Improved woodpaddle stance and pose appearance. More in line with the other melee weapons now
  • Change fire mode animations added for akm, m16, and crafted smg
  • Kick animations have had a clean up
  • Spamming s and v no longer causes kick animation to spin around with an odd animation
  • Throwing movement animations have been cleaned
  • Dozen or so movement animations have had the camera fixed to be more consistent
  • Throwing sound fixed for grenade and flashbang
  • General cleanup of compressed animation files - DBA files loaded more sensibly

  • Darkened water drop effect so it doesn't glow inside caves
  • Improved textures on shotgun so they are more PBR compliant
  • Several textures for props improved to look better
  • Fixed model for the 9mm ammo pile (was using incorrect one)
Miscreated Patch 44 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/26/miscreated-patch-44/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/26/miscreated-patch-44/ Fri, 16 Dec 2016 23:08 CET

  • Fixed an issue causing the vehicle running state to be out of sync between clients (aka silent vehicles)
  • Removed some log spam from the server that could slow the server process down
  • Keybinds added to activate accessories on weapons

  • Explosive grenade added
  • Flashbang grenade added
  • Laser sight attachment added
  • Flashlight attachment can only be turned on when attached to a weapon
  • New GPS Map texture - easier to read the coordinates

  • Perception optimisation applied to mutants, deer, wolves - roughly 30% faster
  • Removed glass-like particle effect trigged on AI death

  • Server browser displays list of servers faster

  • Military base item spawns adjusted
  • Military checkpoints added in Northern part of the map
  • Supermarket prefab updated
  • New supermarket added in Hayward Valley
  • Hayward Valley south downtown is now open
  • 2 roof top areas in Hayward Valley are now open

  • Fixed animations when walking or running with the bow
  • Minor improvements to the character blendspace when not holding a weapon
  • Minor improvements to crouch rotations when not holding a weapon
  • Minor fix to rifle ironsight
  • Changed lowered stance poses so left hand doesn't come off weapons during actions like leaning
  • Sitting - can no longer see through walls during transitions (new sitting and transition animations)
  • Step rotates - standing, and crouching step rotates will no longer cause odd arm movements (with and without weapons)
  • Np weapon movement - fixed blendspaces to help with general movement
  • Np weapon movement - Running and sprinting cross left and cross right will have the feet/legs pointing in the correct direction
  • Np weapon movement - General clean up of the nw animation set
  • Rifle/Pistol movement - Reintroduced more back movement into the base set of animations following the SFP update the previous patch. Now less stiff
  • Rifle sprinting - running into walls and going up/down hill will not longer have goofy leg movements
  • Rifle idles - small alteration to standing ironsight idle to help with idle jitters
  • Rifles - changed weaponposes so weapon doesn't turn 90 degrees when changing between lowered and raised stance during jumping
  • Rifles - changes to lowered weaponposes so that left hand doesn't come off weapons whilst using actions like leaning
  • Bow - fixed issue when moving with bow drawn. Bow now doesn't slip out of hand
  • Bow - fixed position of bow when jumping in raised and drawn stances
  • Throwing - base movement altered whilst in the hold back position to correct some arm issues
  • Grenade and flashbang - animations added
  • Throwing items - Fixed arms when running up and down hills
  • Megaphone - radio squelches replaced by button click
  • Potential fix for the player animation when entering a vehicle

  • MK18 - added lods
  • M16 - lods added

  • Many updates and adjustments to textures and materials
Miscreated Patch 42 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/25/miscreated-patch-42/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/25/miscreated-patch-42/ Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:14 CEST

  • Increased default file logging level for more information from BugSplat reports 
  • Several potential fixes for various client crashes 
  • If Steam isn't running when the game is started, then a message will now appear instead of the game just silently terminating 
  • Physics timing fix from Crytek integrated 
  • IME support disabled by default (was causing a lot of crashes) 
  • High ASCII characters are no longer allowed in server names 
  • On hold channels (combat logging) are reported as active to Steam until they are fully disconnected 
  • Player kicking issue fixed when a new player tries to join a full server 
  • Damage areas added to non-playable sections of the map

  • AKM added 
  • 30Rnd magazine added for AKM 
  • 7.62x39 ammo piles to load AKM magazine 
  • New color variations of the rugged backpack 
  • New color variations of the stowpack backpack

Note: A lot of work has been done in the area of AI movement over the past couple of updates to create a solid framework so the rest of the AI (mutants) can be moved to our new system, which is a lot more efficient than using the default systems in CryEngine. However, there are still some lingering issues that are being worked on that will be fixed in future updates. 
  • Updated wolf regroup and flee behavior 
  • Improved wolf movement blendspaces (smoother movement) 
  • Updated AI movement system to reduce teleporting 
  • Two-headed dogs added 
  • Brute hunting pack added (brute + two-headed dogs)

  • Sedan particle effects added

  • New Fishing village added 
  • Area north of Woodhaven has been expanded to the playable space 
  • The West beach area has now been expanded to the playable space 
  • Pine Parks has been adjusted 
  • Sultan cave updated 
  • Woodhaven cave updated 
  • Modern style generators now function correctly
Miscreated Patch 41 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/24/miscreated-patch-41/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/24/miscreated-patch-41/ Tue, 18 Oct 2016 23:29 CEST
  • Chat log bug fix 
  • Anti-cheat updates 
  • Issue fixed where banned/not whitelisted players could still join servers at times
  • Arrows no longer will stick into players/objects 
  • Shadow cache update fixed - was causing stalls/freezing while playing 
  • Network performance improvements 
  • Fixed issue with some entities remaining on the clients when they shouldn't be (minor performance improvement) 
  • Spawn/Despawn item rate improvements
  • Improved accessibility for controllers (rebind all analogue axes) 
  • Ability to turn off controller support (i_xinput = 0 in user.cfg) 
  • Server browser History, Favorites (Favoriting+Unfavoriting) and Friends 
  • Trim whitepace characters around server name
Base Building
  • Colored work lights can be crafted for bases - blue, green, pink, red, and yellow 
  • Some placeable items, including plot signs, can no longer be placed on top of other items
  • Red dot sight on crafted weapon improved 
  • Hoodies updated to have three slots (was two) 
  • Crafted weapons have a higher recoil then previously
  • Several generic Kythera improvements/fixes/optimizations 
  • AI now turn smoother 
  • Deer AI are now moved to the new animal system instead of the default CryEngine AI system
  • Radio select sounds now play
  • AI turning animations are now used 
  • General improvements to ragdolls 
  • Fixed magazine location on some weapons

Hotfix #41a - 10/17/2016 

  • Fix for other players getting kicked from a server when a banned, non-whitelisted, or on hold player tries to join and is kicked out 
  • Five crashes fixed (most related to starting or exiting the game) thanks to new BugSplat information
Miscreated Patch 40 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/23/miscreated-patch-40/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/23/miscreated-patch-40/ Fri, 23 Sep 2016 00:42 CEST
Survivotron VI

The Survivotron VI supports communication and navigation modes; after it has been turned on with a mouse click. 

The modes can be toggled between using CTRL. All keys can be rebound. 

In navigation mode it will display the longitude, latitude, a compass, the speed overground, and the elevation. 

In communication mode it will display the band, frequency, and the current game time. 

Each of the bands have their differences (bands can be changed by pressing HOME and PAGE up/down) 

- CB 26.965 MHz - 27.405 MHz / 40 channels (Low quality communication) 
- FM 87.8 MHz - 108.0 MHz / 5 channels (High quality receive) 
- VHF 6M - 50 MHz - 54 MHz / 40 channel (Medium quality communication) 
- VHF 2M - 144 MHz – 146 MHz / 20 channel (High quality communication) 
- VHF 1.25M - 222 – 225 MHz / 30 channel (High quality communication) 

The channels can be switched by pressing or holding the PAGE up/down keys. 

Survivors will are able to hear the output in a 7 meter range (same as whisper) around someone using the radio. 

  • More server and client networking performance improvements 
  • Improvements so servers don't run out of network IDs as fast 
  • Fixed several things that were causing a navigation mesh update on the server (performance improvement)

  • Adjusted jump so you can jump one more time than before without running out of stamina 
  • Can now join a friend's game via Steam (when game is closed and while ingame) 
  • Can now join a game from the steam server browser or steam://open/servers - Steam > View > Servers > Filter: Miscreated (works when game is closed and while ingame, with history and favorites) 
  • Can now join a game from our server browser - http://miscreatedgame.com/servers (only while game is closed, with favorites function and search by name)

  • Taxi cab added - three variations 
  • Adjusted proxy on the 5-ton truck so you can shoot into it 
  • Slightly reduced the maximum speed for the bus 
  • Adjusted sedan speeds so faster than pick up truck, police slightly faster than all 
  • Simplified police light setup 
  • Police siren sound stops when vehicle is destroyed 
  • Police siren sound should be on/off at the same time as the lights

  • New Survivotron VI - multi-purpose, multi-channel and band radio/GPS device 
  • New M-16 style weapon 
  • New MK-18 style weapon 
  • New Sako 85 style weapon 
  • Reduced explosion damage on the molotov 
  • New additional map with GPS coordinate grid lines 
  • Adjusted material on the barbed wire so it can be packed up easier 
  • Removed old .223 ammo spawns (correct ones are still in game) 
  • Fixed some chemlights not being shadow casters 
  • Fixed spawn in orientation of the crafted weapons

  • AI is now attracted to the whistle emote 
  • Improvements to wolf turning animation system 
  • Improved deer alert action

  • Added 2 new Radio tower prefabs with Items spawners on them 
  • Sun position updated to be more accurate with a real world counterpart 
  • Minor improvements around Hayward Valley 
  • New bridge prefab for the Sultan Bridge (will update the others over time with more details) 
  • Added Taxi spawners to the map 
  • Removed floating leaves in a domestic garage prefab

  • New animations for the Survivotron, M16, MK18, and the Sako 85 styled weapons 
  • Mutants now have running back animation for when throwing rocks instead of using the forward run animation 
  • Some alterations for the wolves' movements to improve the animation system
Miscreated Patch 39 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/22/miscreated-patch-39/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/22/miscreated-patch-39/ Mon, 05 Sep 2016 22:15 CEST
  • Updated the shader cache 
  • Can sprint while crouched to move faster 
  • Characters can only jump three times in a row, then they need to wait several seconds to jump again 
  • The jump time and regeneration will be adjusted as needed in future updates - still WIP

  • Fixed a server hang issue 
  • AI thrown rocks have been added to the damage logs when they hit a player

  • Moved item spawners away from a ladder in the small control room - couldn't pick items up 
  • Hayward residential area is now completely open (Still WIP) 
  • New shop interiors for a city building (2 versions Still WIP) 
  • Opened some of the fences behind the residential house in Pinecrest for ease of access

  • Increased shotgun recoil 
  • Fixed tactical shotgun ammo having incorrect pellet spread 
  • Fixed tactical shotgun blurry ironsight DOF 
  • Lowered tactical shotgun melee damage to match other shotgun

  • Added support for mutant packs/groups

  • Updates to the hints in the main menu

  • Police car added 
  • Sedan's steering wheel now rotates when vehicle is turned

  • Updated particle effect on the torch 
  • Carlington will now spawn with correct ammo pile 
  • Fixed Renegade 700 so it can spawn with ammo 
  • Fixed ironsight related issues for the crossbow, and fixes for firing the last bolt

  • Bullet sonic "crack" sounds will play when a supersonic round is fired in a player's direction 
  • Adjusted ocean fade out distance 
  • Elevator up/down sounds added 
  • Pig idle sound adjusted 
  • Swimming sound adjusted 
  • Added sound effect when loading/unloading bolt from crossbow

  • Fixed dumpster you could get stuck inside of

  • Replaced baphomet graffiti with Red Sons Logo
Miscreated Patch 37 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/21/miscreated-patch-37/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/21/miscreated-patch-37/ Sat, 30 Jul 2016 13:30 CEST

Carrying Objects
We have added support for being able to carry objects in your hands (pick them up with no weapon equipped). Right now the only thing you can carry are animals, but more items/features will be added in future updates. 

Animal System
The first iteration of our new animal system is included in this update. It is a very lightweight, networked system for simple animals in the game (non-aggressive) 
  • Roosters and pigs are currently spawning in game - more animals will be added in future updates 
  • Animals may be killed and harvested/looted 
  • With your hands empty, you may pick up animals and carry them around 
  • When dropped they will stay in the general area where they were dropped at 
  • If you drop them in your base's radius they will persist through a server restart

  • General performance improvements 
  • Improvements to manage items in tents and crates 
  • Fix for running out of network IDs 
  • Reduce memory footprint per player 
  • Server will only start if its data can be loaded from the database (should fix missing bases issue) 
  • Fixed players not properly becoming non-relevant to other players

  • Shader cache regenerated with latest data - should help reduce stutters/freezing 
  • Spawned items from tents/vehicles/AI corpses should be restored when logging back in (would disappear before) 
  • Volumetric fog is disabled, but normal fog still exists 
  • Maximum view distance now varies based on spec (from 1km to 4km) - Object Detail video setting 
  • Default spec is now Medium instead of High 
  • Texture resolution now varies per spec 
  • Disabled silhouette POM 
  • Player corpse not being visible issue should be fixed

  • Removed some static items from the world that are now spawned and usable to reduce confusion (tents, etc.) 
  • Ambient sounds areas improved with correct setup and recommendations from Crytek 
  • New variations of three story buildings added 
  • Rooster and pig spawn points added 
  • Sedan spawn points added

  • Mutants now have an increased chance to have loot and can have more than one item 
  • Brute mutant added - stronger and tougher than other mutants

  • Changes to confirmation window title 
  • Timers no longer reset when moving around in the menu

  • Sedan added - multiple color variations 
  • Damage model for quadbike updated 
  • Adjusted particle effects for the f100 truck 
  • Vehicles will no longer leak fuel/oil when not running 
  • Moved all exit locations a little further away to reduce chance of being killed when exiting

  • Adjusted the maximum pile size for some rounds 
  • All types of ammo can now spawn in piles 
  • Pickaxe changed to a secondary weapon - increased spawn rate 
  • Flare gun now spawns with a pile of flares - flare rounds can stack 
  • Scarves added (several variations)

  • Several variations of crafted headbands added 
  • Added size of sandbags to description

  • When bandaging another player, they will now receive a message 
  • Adjusted bleed particle effect location for players

Base Building
  • Gnome health reduced 
  • Added in missing pine tree to get wood from 
  • Dismantling a generator will now give you the generator component back 
  • Dismantling a work light will now give you the work light component back

  • Reduced the sway when holding the map so it is easier to read 
  • M40A5 now has a dry fire animation and sound when looking through the scope 
  • Adjusted how bow animations work - should function much better now 
  • Fixed recurve bow select animation 
  • Grey wolf LOD skinning issues fixed 
  • Fixed sprinting with flashlight - now useful again whilst sprinting

  • M40A5 sounds added for racking when firing using the scope

  • Physics proxies improved on some weapons so they don't bounce around so much when dropped 
  • Added LODs for main player skin (LODs help with optimization) 
  • Added LODs for crafted weapons 
  • Added LODs for 22 pistol weapons 
  • Added LODs for the megalites 
  • Added LODs for hunting knife 
  • Added LODs for crossbow 
  • Added LODs for hk45 pistol 
  • Added LODs for g18 pistol 
  • Added LODs for m40 
  • Added LODs for hammer 
  • Added LODs for squeegee 
  • Added LODs for the river dam 
  • Added LODs for tractor 
  • Flashlight altered to add in glass pane

  • Improved tactical shotgun textures 
  • Grey wolf eye overlay added for specular reflection 
  • HK45 weapon updated 
  • Flashlight texture updated 
  • Lean-to textures updated 
  • Updated textures for chicken coop 
  • HK45 normal map errors fixed
Miscreated Patch 36 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/20/miscreated-patch-36/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/20/miscreated-patch-36/ Fri, 01 Jul 2016 00:13 CEST
Relevance System Overview:
The relevance system is a fundamental change to several of the core systems of CryEngine. It alters how all entities (players, AI, vehicles, items, etc.) are updated on the server and synchronized with all the clients. 

The new system greatly reduces the bandwidth requirements of the server and clients - the server sends a lot less data and clients receive a lot less data. Due to the reduced bandwidth requirements of the server it also reduces the CPU usage, so that we can use the savings for new features. It also reduces the time you spend on the "Synchronizing world state" phase when joining a server. 

Reloading Weapons:
  • You can now press R to reload your weapon 
  • Reload animations and sounds now work 
  • The first applicable magazine/ammo pile NOT in your backpack will be used 
  • Magazines/ammo piles in your backpack will NOT be used for automatic reloading by design, move them to another piece of clothing 
  • You can press R to reload while moving 
  • The new reloading system does NOT work for shotguns yet - manually move the ammo in the UI like previously

Incapacitation System:
  • You can now bind other players using Duct Tape (equip the duct tape in a secondary weapon slot) 
  • A player can be captured when you are behind them and they are not moving or if they have their hands up 
  • If bound you can use the lean keys for 4-5 minutes to eventually break free 
  • Another player can free a captured player by targeting them and using the action menu 
  • Captured players can be passengers in cars and still consume items in the world 
  • Captured players cannot access their inventory or pick up items

  • Tents will appear in the world already set up (much like how vehicles just appear) 
  • Tents do not have an owner - anyone that finds a tent can empty it, pack it up and move it
  • Tents can take damage and be destroyed - and items will be destroyed in them as well 
  • Tents can be pitched anywhere in the world (except on another person's plot) - you do not need a plot sign to pitch a tent 
  • Tents have to be pitched on terrain only - they cannot be on top of rocks or other structures/base parts 
  • To pack up a tent you have to empty any contents inside of it first 
  • There is a limited amount of tents that spawn in the entire world, and a limited amount that can be placed at once 
  • Tents will despawn if nobody uses them after several days 
  • Tents come in various sizes and colors - each size holds a different amount of items 
  • Tents can be repaired using duct tape

  • Can no longer remove attachments from another player's weapon while he's holding it 
  • You can consume an item without picking it up - mouse wheel down when one is targeted 
  • Black screen bug related to lightning/lights is fixed 
  • Increased suicide timer to 300 seconds 
  • Increased idle kick time to 600 seconds 
  • Second primary weapon slot is enabled 
  • Primary weapons can no longer be stored inside of clothing/backpacks 
  • Jacket/vest slot is now available with new clothing you can find for it 
  • Players can no longer spawn on top of other players at spawn points 
  • Items can now spawn inside of clothing and backpacks you find on the ground 
  • Items can now spawn inside of vehicles 
  • Items can spawn inside of tents 
  • Safe fall distance slightly increased 
  • Fixed server ban message - will specify if it's a specific server ban or a global game ban 
  • Shadow cache is updated every 15 seconds to fix strange shadow artifacts after settings are changed 
  • Default view distance increased to 4km (required for rainbows and new volumetric fog) 
  • Recompiled shader caches 
  • Players will no longer respawn in the Northern part of the map 
  • Item respawn system fixed, so they respawn correctly now 
  • Several game and server crashes fixed

  • Out of ammo sounds and animations play correctly for weapons (not network synchronized yet) 
  • Decreased the attack speed of the hatchet and axe 
  • Adjusted arrow and bolt speeds 
  • Adjusted recoil for all pistols 
  • Adjusted damage for most weapons and ammo types 
  • Decreased ironsight zoom amounts for better CQC response 
  • Weapon sounds can attract AI within a certain radius when fired (each weapon's radius varies) 
  • Melee range adjusted for some weapons 
  • Fixed bow not being able to shoot if you try and shoot it too fast 
  • Bow no longer tries to automatically reload when it runs out of arrows 
  • You can heal another player directly if you have a bandage in a non-backpack slot 
  • Damage from all melee weapons reduced

  • Weapon movement for stowed weapons fixed and positions adjusted 
  • M40A5 magazine is correctly positioned in the weapon 
  • Fixed shotgun ironsight fire so the weapon doesn't clip into the camera 
  • Fixed leaning setup to work better 
  • Potential fix for the driver standing up while driving in a vehicle 
  • Many animations added for reloading weapons 
  • Many adjustments to recoil and firing animations 
  • Dry fire animations added (out of ammo) 
  • Fixed issues with the steel-toed boots causing shadow problems 
  • Fixed player model so the chest piece is not hidden when looking down in first person

  • Some items can now be stacked (stack items by dropping the item onto another item in the UI) 
  • Stacked items can be split (exceeding inventory restrictions will drop item on the ground) 
  • Magazines and ammo piles will now spawn with a random number rounds in them 
  • Magazines can now be loaded and unloaded with rounds (exceeding inventory restrictions will drop item on the ground) 
  • Ammo piles can be split and combined (exceeding inventory restrictions will drop item on the ground) 
  • Flashlights now emit a volumetric light effect 
  • All ammo piles now weigh 0kg - weigh nothing 
  • Duct tape can now be equipped in a second weapon slot (needed to bind another player) 
  • Military helmet added (14 variations) 
  • SWAT style helmet added 
  • More military jacket variations added (14 of them) 
  • Button up shirt variations added (a lot of them) 
  • Remington 700 style weapon added - shoots .308 rounds 
  • .308 ammo pile added 
  • Face bandana variations added (6 variations) 
  • Tactical vest added (14 variations) 
  • Duffel bag added you can wear as a backpack (15 variations) 
  • Fixed on ground model for smoke grenades and updated descriptions 
  • Wood log description updated 
  • Added ammo piles for all unique rounds in the game (for when unloading magazines) 
  • Increased chemlight lighting distance to 20 meters (was 5) and adjusted lighting for them 
  • White beanie added 
  • New jeans model added to replace the one currently being used 
  • New cargo pants model added to replace the one currently being used 
  • Additional hoodie variations added (29 total) 
  • Wolf and deer meat added - raw, cooked, burnt, cured, and rotten 
  • Wolf and deer hide added (used in crafting) 
  • Animal guts added (can be eaten) 
  • Animal fat added (used in crafting) 
  • Map item updated to show the latest playable areas in the game

  • Campfires are now craftable - can only be placed on terrain 
  • You can cook meat in a crafted campfire 
  • Craftable drying rack added - can only be placed on terrain 
  • You can dry meat on a crafted drying rack 
  • Placing a jerry can in a lit campfire will cause it to eventually explode 
  • Storage crafting guide now spawns in the world 
  • Can craft a small and large storage crates (small doesn't require a crafting guide to learn) 
  • Adjusted crafted guides so rare guides spawn more often 
  • Craftable wolf and deer waterskins added 
  • Craftable candles added 
  • Game freeze after learning a crafting guide is fixed

Base Building:
  • Plot sign damage bar is now visible 
  • Plot sign can be packed up 
  • Health bar width decreased 
  • One small crate can be added to each base for storage 
  • One large crate can be added to each base for storage (need crafting guide) 
  • Gnomes can now be found in the world and placed in your base (6 variations - some rare)

  • Hayward City is now open - new large city - still WIP and most buildings are not enterable yet 
  • The red "Replace Me" balls are fixed 
  • Fixed rain appearing in a couple of houses that were missed previously 
  • Many more unique props added to the world 
  • Fixed missing chainlink fences 
  • Grass movement updated 
  • New procedural grass added (visible only on high specs) 
  • Default road texture improved with a much better looking one 
  • Updated world with new planter models so it looks better 
  • Some new prefabs for additional house styles 
  • New gas station prefab 
  • Brightmoor updated with new buildings and details 
  • New hotel building 
  • New police station building 
  • Replaced some bushes with updated models 
  • Additional grass variations (only visible on higher specs)

  • Improved the physics proxy on the crash plane model 
  • Optimized sidewalks to reduce number of polygons drawn 
  • Optimized many weapon textures to greatly decreased what they used in VRAM 
  • Pipebomb model optimized

  • The number of items in a stack is displayed in the UI 
  • The number of rounds in a magazine is displayed in the UI 
  • Can no longer tear clothing you are wearing to rags 
  • Issue fixed where you could consume the wrong item from your inventory 
  • Updates to items' tooltips 
  • Empty names are no longer allowed in the player setup screen - minimum of three characters 
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary log file spam 
  • Fixed missing military jacket icons 
  • Can no longer access the inventory of destroyed vehicles 
  • UI hints added for party bus 
  • UI hints added for capturing players 
  • Removed wheel health percent from the UI - will add back in later

  • Large bus added - can hold 29 players 
  • Vehicles may spawn with some parts or items already in them - vehicles have different spawns 
  • The number of tires on a vehicle now correctly affects the maximum speed 
  • Improved physics proxy for the pick up truck so it gets stuck less often 
  • Adjusted suspension and handling for the quadbike 
  • Added lamp to fishing boat than can be turned on/off like a headlight 
  • Fixed bugged slots issue when adding oil/fuel to a vehicle inventory 
  • Wheels get removed from the vehicle inventory window when they are destroyed 
  • Vehicle running sounds are stopped when a vehicle is destroyed 
  • The action menu should never appear while you are in a vehicle now 
  • Adjusted amount of each type of vehicle that can spawn in the world at once

  • Several updates to existing AI behavior 
  • Wolves added - they only spawn in packs and can be very dangerous to ungeared players - pack sizes vary 
  • Wolves will attack mutants, but mutants won't attack wolves first 
  • Skinner mutant added 
  • Corpses can now be searched for loot 
  • Fixed issue causing not all AI to spawn in an area 
  • Male and female deer both have the same chance to spawn 
  • AI corpses now stay for at least five minutes to allow enough time to loot them

  • Wind sounds reduced 
  • Environmental sounds can now be attenuated using the volume slider in the UI 
  • Racking sounds added to reload animations 
  • New sounds for wolves 
  • New sounds for skinner mutant 
  • New sounds for Remington 700 style rifle

Weather System:
  • Added medium and heavy fog patterns 
  • Added "The Mist" fog pattern 
  • Volumetric fog is now enabled by default 
  • Increased chance of good weather by 25% 
  • Rain and tornado sounds attenuated based on distance 
  • Smoother fog blending

  • Increased the number of players that can use VoIP (was limited to 32 players)
Miscreated Patch 35 - New Weather System And Player Model https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/19/miscreated-patch-35-new-weather-system-and-player-model/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/19/miscreated-patch-35-new-weather-system-and-player-model/ Mon, 18 Apr 2016 15:56 CEST

Weather System 
• The new weather system is included in this patch 
• A server renter can control the weather system 
• The weather system adds lightning, wind, rain, fog, thunder, tornado, and rainbows 
• We will be adding more patterns and variations in the future (suggestions welcome!) 
• See addition information at the end of these patch notes for controlling the weather 

New Player Model 
• The new player model is included in this patch 
• Almost all clothing items have had their models and animations adjusted, so there may be some lingering issues we'll fix in a future patch 

• Fixed a couple of server related crashes to increase stability 
• Fixed incorrect "Unable to connect to host" message 
• Each weapon can now have a different sound radius to alert AI when fired/used 
• Terrain view distance set to 2km for everyone - beyond that will cause fog rendering issues 
• Added suppression visual effect when bullet impacts close to a player - intensity varies 
• Game is now using the latest Steam DLLs to prevent any possible issues with Steam 
• Adjusted config variable so there will be less player and AI sliding around issues (not being animated) 

• Large plane crash added to the map 
• Small part of the big city's residential area opened up North 
• Fixed some floating and clipping assets in the large office building 
• Added canopies to the Capital Munch building 
• Some small hunting shacks added around the map 
• Fixed being able to use the outside ladder from inside the Shop N Save 
• Fixed decals on some of the campsite tents 
• Missing bathtub added to mobile home 
• Removed old static 5-ton truck objects to cause less confusion on drivable ones 
• Fixed/added rain occluder to buildings to prevent raining inside of them 
• Fixed fish mass to prevent them from ramming boats 
• Adjusted minimum render distance for small equipped weapons so they don't disappear on low spec settings at range 
• Fixed some floating rocks in the shire's forest 

• Old oxford shirts replaced with a new button up shirt 
• Old hoodie replaced with a new hoodie model 
• Old puffy jacket replaced with a new military jacket 
• Kevlar helmet added 
• Decreased shadow cost difference when the torch is on to increase performance, casts softer light 
• Increased smoke grenade's smoke duration, increased smoke density 
• Reduced model complexity of the pipe bomb 

• Handling for all vehicles slightly updated 
• All vehicles "go to sleep" faster when unused - reduces physics and network load 

• Thunder sound added 
• Removed sound effect when closing the backpack 
• Firing sounds for the HK45, 1911-A1, and Ruger updated 
• Bullet whiz sound radius increase to 10m instead of 5m 
• 5-ton truck plays correct horn sound 

• New Spiker "out of reach" animation 
• Weapons now all aim at the same spot in raised or ironsight mode - also when changing weapons 
• Craftable weapons now do not aim slightly to the right in ironsight 
• Rem870 and 870 tactical now no longer have broken DOF when crouching in ironsight 
• All aimposes altered for the new character. 
• All clothing altered for the new character and re-skinned 

• Couple of trees changed to allow wood to be harvested from them 
• Drapes updated to react to wind and bullets better 
• Model for broken white car's model improved 
• Improved performance of the steel building models (especially for low spec settings) 
• LODs added for several weapons to increase performance 
• LODs added for several fences 
• LODs added for radio tower and its ladder 
• LODs added for broken vehicles 
• LODs added for warehouse 
• LODs added for barracks 
• LODs added for commercial apartment buildings 
• Added physics to warehouse windows to prevent jumping through them 
• Consolidated all bus models to use the same one to reduce texture usage 
• Replaced old chain link model with a newer one 
• Wanderer pants model updated to reduce seeing through it at times 
• Fixed missing physics proxy on a cabinet 

• Decreased the blur when looking through warehouse windows 
• Adjusted water materials so they "glow" less at night 
• Cobweb surface type changed 
• Decreased size of some of Spiker's textures - were unnecessarily large 
• Wooden shelf texture adjusted 
• Day Spa shop floor textures updated 
• STANAGx30 textures and material updated]]>
Miscreated Patch 34 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/18/miscreated-patch-34/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/18/miscreated-patch-34/ Fri, 25 Mar 2016 22:15 CET
Kythera AI System 
• This update adds the first iteration of the advanced Kythera AI middleware system to Miscreated 
• The Kythera system completely replaces the stock AI system that was being used and is a better fit for our game's vision moving forward 
• Beginning with this update the foundation is now in place to start adding an amazing AI experience to Miscreated 
• In subsequent updates we will be focusing on adding more advanced AI behaviors, mutant types, animal types, higher quantities of AI, and AI in other parts of the map not previously occupied 

• Rebuilt shader cache to reduce stalls while playing 
• Updated game hints 
• Player's head now rotates left/right/up/down when using freelook 
• Shadow casting view distance increased 
• Radiation areas updated to smooth out radiation amounts 
• Player burning particle effect updated, light added to it 
• Fixed some missing surface type errors 
• Additional messages added to give player better feedback when picking up items 
• Fixed ugly shadows on low and medium specs 

• Damage logs are now saved on game servers 
• i3d will add support for server renters to view the damage logs 

• Terrain view distance is now automatically increased based on system spec 
• Fixed item spawner in house causing items to float when appearing 
• Clothing store added with mannequins and clothing racks 
• Fire damage area added to flaming barrels and cars 
• Adjusted bloom, saturation, and fog ramping values in game 
• Adjusted view distances for some vegetation and their shadows, and some bending values for vegetation that moves when collided with 
• Optimized shipping containers 

• Added support for 3D Positional/Attenuated 3rd party VoIP (Mumble and TeamSpeak3 CrossTalk) 

• Updated descriptions on the HK45 and M1911 to clarify magazine usage 
• Fixed description on arrows 
• Can turn the flashlight on/off faster now 
• Large and small Maglite-like flashlights added (with lens flares) 
• Fixed incorrect spelling on bandana descriptions 
• Increased amount of hydration from military canteens 

• Adjusted amount of damage vehicles do to players (bicycles are no longer silent killing machines) 
• Adjusted handling and top speed for the bicycle 
• Fixed boat's engine sound location 
• Bicycle front wheel no longer clips into the ground when getting on it 
• Fix so players can't keep inventory open while entering vehicles 
• Fixed shadows cast from vehicle lights 

• Fixed incorrect sound effects on the glass bottles 
• Sound effect added for when player lands after jumping 
• Sound effect added when picking up and dropping items 
• Added lock/unlock sound effects for the gatehouse gate 
• Added click noise when opening chat window 
• Fixed menu button sounds not working 
• Bullet "whiz" sounds added for rounds that pass close to you (will be improved in future patches) 
• Added tent flapping sounds to all tents 
• Reduced the volume of vegetation that moves when touched 

• Adjusted bleeding effect 
• Lowered chance to cause a bleed effect from punching 
• Player heals faster when sitting 
• Fixed barracks so bullets can go through the windows 
• Tweaked bullet metal impact effects 
• 7.62 ammo: Increased radius to real-world value (adjusts bullet drop) 
• 9mm ammo: increased radius to real-world value (adjusts bullet drop) 
• ACP .45 ammo: increased mass to match defined speed, increased radius to real-world value (adjusts bullet drop) 
• Slightly decreased the bullet spread for the tactical shotgun 

• Broken TVs, wall lights, chicken coops, and sheds now rotated back correctly 
• Adjusted view distance on jersey barriers, so players can crouch behind them at distance and not be seen 

• Variations of melee animations added for mutants 
• New moving melee, alerted, and out of reach animations added for mutants 
• Alterations to AI animations so they do not move out of their collision area - heads can no longer poke into walls 
• Animation set up for maglite small and large 
• Rework of flashlight aimposes so that the light is pointing correctly forward instead of slightly off to the right 
• Leaning alterations were made to include other axes 
• Look left and right additive animation added for when player is freelooking 
• Fix so that fish are animating correctly 
• Crouch ironsight movement animations stabilized further for SFP improvements 
• Stabilized ironsight aiming while moving with the pistol more 

• Warehouse texture adjusted 
• Removed phone numbers from some textures 
• Many general improvements to existing textures and materials

Miscreated Patch 33 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/17/miscreated-patch-33/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/17/miscreated-patch-33/ Tue, 01 Mar 2016 21:21 CET

• This patch adds bicycles to the game! 
• The physics for the bicycles still needs to be improved, but we feel they are good enough for now to release to all servers. 
• They do not require any parts to work, but they also despawn after a few hours of not being used as a result. 
• We welcome your feedback on what you think of them! 

• This game update adds support for Natural Point's TrackIR head tracking system:naturalpoint.com/trackir 
• Support has been added for adjusting the camera's pitch, yaw, roll, and left/right leaning. 
• Keybinds have been added to recenter the view and to also disable TrackIR when not being used. 

• Support was also added to perform head tracking using a face cam, but this solution isn't as fast or a precise as using a dedicated hardware based solution such as TrackIR. 

• Fixed server crash related to using molotovs or blowing up diesel jerry cans 
• Alt key will now work correctly for freelook when using windowed mode 
• Updated EAC to latest version 
• Fixed issue with sprinting while swimming not working 
• Fixed naming issue preventing some magazines in pistols from being restored when logging in 
• Mouse scaling issue fixed - forcing game to always be in windowed mode when starting has been removed 
• Fixed visual artifacts on the screen from seeing cave areas at a far distance 

• Chat logs are now saved on game servers 
• i3d will add support for server renters to view them 

• XBox controller mouse emulation added 
• Lean keys, Q and E, can be rebound 

• Added several variations for the face bandana 
• Improved firing visual effects several weapons 
• Adjusted 357 pistol recoil 
• Saw blade added 
• Pickaxe now spawns in oriented correctly and is correct on a character's back 

• Controllers can be used to steer vehicles 

• Three more baseball bat weapon variants added 
• Cancelling a throw now works correctly 

• Looping sounds don't stop when the game window loses focus 
• Corrected holstering sounds for the .22 pistol 
• Spikers will now grunt when hurt and make a dying sound effect 
• Added sound effects for opening/closing inventory - sounds are WIP 
• Added sound effects for crafting items - sounds are WIP 
• Torch burning sound stops correctly when torch is dropped 
• Volume levels for different weapons more balanced with each other 
• Volume levels for different vehicles more balanced with each other 
• Volume slider now affects environment and bush collision sounds 
• Collision sounds volume with bushes reduced 

• Fixed bullet impact effects on water 
• Blood splatter effects appear on the ground 

• Improved terrain rendering 
• Moved a box in the mobile homes that was causing issue 
• Burning barrels improved - added better light, minor lens flare, tweaked particles 
• Adjusted lights for the construction barriers that blink 
• Adjusted sign poles to help prevent vehicles getting stuck in them 
• Build exclusion zones updated to help prevent some griefing 
• Updated farm fields in the back of Sultan 
• Some minor updates to Pinecrest 
• Fire department prefab updated 

• Adjusted surface type for shells so they bounce more when impacting the ground 
• Removed some unused first person particles due to our simulated first person system 
• Fixes for shop door textures 
• Improved military tent texture 
• Fixed corkboard textures 
• Fixed brightness on the office clock and small flag pole. 
• Fixed surface type and materials for the outdoor cinema sign 
• Improved texture for the deer 
• Improved forest and rocky soil terrain textures, and a few other terrain surfaces 
• Improved textures and materials for Crazy mutant 
• Many more minor improvements and adjustments 

• Made lean animations faster, also works with head tracking 
• Removed old first person compressed animation database files that were no longer needed 
• Fixed steering wheel animations not working on vehicles 
• Fixed several of the small animal animations that were not working 
• Fixed windmill animations 
• Adjusted crouch animation so you can't peek through walls using it

Miscreated Patch 32 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/16/miscreated-patch-32/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/16/miscreated-patch-32/ Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:01 CET

Release Version
Starting in this patch we are now distributing a real "Release" build of CryEngine instead of the previous "Profile" build. 

A Release version is faster than the prior Profile builds. 

To distribute a Release version required us to move and pack up the game data in very specific ways, so many of the files had to be altered again, but it's worth it for the added performance benefits. 

A Release version also uses some signed and encrypted data files to better prevent anyone from tampering with them. It also whitelists all config file commands to prevent anyone from abusing those. In other words, a Release build locks everything down even better than it was before from an anti-cheat perspective. 

AI System
The AI company has been working on integrating their technology into our game. We'll release more information about it once it's fully integrated and working. 

Item Storage/Network Relevance System
Work is still progressing on the new item and network relevance systems. We plan to push out an initial version to the experimental server soon to begin testing with. Follow our Twitter account, @miscreatedgame, for the latest updates. 

Large City
The new, large city in the North that is being developed is looking amazing! We think everyone will be quite surprised when it's ready for release. 

Prone Support
A lot of work has been done on adding prone support to the game lately. No ETA yet, but it's looking really good. We'll share some videos soon of it. 

• Compiled updated shader cache to help prevent stalls while playing 
• Added depth of field effect when swimming underwater 
• Messages that were displayed in the top, middle of the screen will now appear in the chat window instead (side effect of using a Release build for CryEngine) 

• HK45 Added (fires .45 ACP rounds) 
• .22 Pistol added (fires .22 rounds) 

• Optimized collision proxys on some of the vehicles 
• Adjusted the boat explosion particle effect 
• Adjusted damage modifiers done to boat 
• Improved boat turning ability 

• When spawning or respawning the screen will fade from black over a couple of seconds 
• Fixed some of the hints to be formatted better 
• Disabled storing items inside of items in a vehicle 
• Fixed incorrect Fire Bolt icon 

• Many variations of t-shirts added 
• Fixed recipes for bolts to make poisoned, fire, and others 
• Map item updated to show the latest available play area 
• Magazine added for the HK45 pistol 
• Magazine added for the .22 pistol 
• Crossbow should spawn in oriented correctly 
• Map should spawn in oriented correctly 

• Increased chance for crafting guides to spawn 

• Going in the water while on fire should extinguish the fire 
• Leaning is now animation controlled rather than procedural - works better 

• Fixed a bathtub that was at an odd position in a house 
• Moved a weapon spawn out from under a bed so it's accessible 
• Fixed some model positions in the motel rooms and optimized some view distances for better performance 
• Removed toilet paper (it's the apocalypse!) 
• Added more loot spawns to Brightmoor townhouses 
• Fixed a spawn location that was hiding items under a rug in single story houses 
• Adjusted the lighting in the Woodhaven cave 
• Fixed some floating models 
• Moved a weapon spawn stuck under a table in one of the metal sheds 
• Removed weapon spawner in a burned car that was almost impossible to reach 
• Tweaked mobile home interiors to have more variations 
• Added more spawn locations and variations to the mobile homes 
• Cleaned up and optimized the Rocky Ridge trailer park in general 
• Improved Horseshoe beach area, also added spinning wind turbines 

• Adjusted swimming sound effect to hopefully reduce/eliminate the server wide swim sound 

• Fixed many more textures and materials (we do this every patch to improve the look and optimize better) 
• Updated Shop N Save store materials and textures 

• Optimized U.N. tents to greatly reduce their triangle count 
• Dirtied the texture for the basic bandage 
• Optimized several of the shelves in stores - removed unused ones and LODs for them 
• Map model updated so it looks better 

• KK45 animation setup 
• .22 pistol setup 
• Throwing aimposes have been added for when in the hold back position 
• Throwing movement have been tweaked to accommodate the aimposes 

Lunar New Year Sale
Miscreated will be 50% off for the Lunar New Year Sale, starting now and lasting until the end of the sale. Check it out here:


Miscreated Patch 31 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/15/miscreated-patch-31/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/15/miscreated-patch-31/ Wed, 20 Jan 2016 16:32 CET

• Throw strength can now be varied - hold down the left mouse button longer to throw further (careful with Molotov’s!) 
• Fixed internal timer issue so things like AI movement is smoother 
• Steam DLLs updated to latest version 
• EAC updated to latest version - also fixes some issues with AV issues blocking game access 
• Added some hints to the loading screens for throwing and using the bow 
• Player spawn location height adjusted to prevent spawning in roofs/ceilings 
• Issue with particle effects fixed 
• Player quickly raises his weapon when picking up a weapon and changing weapons, so you can see what's equipped 
• Low health pulsing effect reduced 

• Increased VOIP quality level 
• Increased reaction speed when talking 

• Crossbow added (uses bow sounds currently) 
• 357 pistol iron sight is now aligned correctly 
• Arrows now have a visual effect the shooter can see to track them better 
• Fix for seeing a double weapon model at times 
• When using iron sight, it now zooms to the correct zoom level - no need to mouse wheel to zoom in again 
• Weight of the recurve bow reduced 

• Improved physics proxy on the 5-ton truck to help prevent it getting stuck when hitting objects 
• Fixed issue with the camera when entering from third person 
• Smoothed camera when driving 
• Backpacks may be hidden in some vehicles when riding in them to reduce clipping issues 

• Bicycle helmet added 
• Bolts added (for Crossbow) 
• Map added 
• Ammo should no longer disappear when dropped 
• Tarp added 
• Camouflage netting added 
• You can shoot Molotov’s on the ground and they will explode - causes same effect as throwing them 
• Shooting a diesel gas can will create a fire damage area around it - like the Molotov’s do 

• Recipes added to build specialized arrows and bolts - fire, poison, ... 
• Requirements to build a sandbag reduced to half of what it was 

Base Building
• Added some small log furniture craftable pieces 
• Added craftable lean-to and a few variations of small shelter walls 
• Added craftable camouflage walls 
• Health increased on the Gatehouse 

• Fixed accuracy issue when moving and firing (especially when strafing) 
• Kick damage now independent of weapon held 
• Can't harvest from kicking (only using typical melee weapons) 
• Kicking speed fixed 
• Kicking animation now synchronized over the network 
• Can use the sniper scope with the gasmask 
• Arrow speed slightly increased 

• Updated the texture for the base terrain for the world - adds more detail 
• Terrain vegetation now blends in with the base terrain color better 
• Textures for several terrain layers updated to look better 
• Specialized environment probes added so metal and glass don't shine so much at night 
• Fixed issue with reflections on the water so it looks a little better 
• Moved a weapon spawner that was under a desk and impossible to loot from 
• Added lens flare to the sun 
• Added shadows on grass for "Very High" spec only 
• Windmills now rotate 

• AI now does half the damage as before 
• Percent change to bleed from AI damage also reduced 

• Many improvements and adjustments to textures and materials - 100s of them 
• Some unused textures removed from distribution 

• Some unused models removed from distribution 
• Some huge groups of trash bags replaced with a single, optimized model - a lot more efficient 

• Crossbow animations 
• Throwing animations improved to fix some issues 
• Adjusted the player's right foot so it doesn't bend oddly

Miscreated Patch 29 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/14/miscreated-patch-29/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/14/miscreated-patch-29/ Wed, 09 Dec 2015 01:06 CET

  • Heightmap AO disabled to increase frame rate

  • Some weapons will no longer auto-center to the middle of the screen after being shot 
  • Recoil for some weapons have been adjusted 
  • Headshots will now work correctly on AI to kill them easier

  • Three more player emotes added: Thumbs up, Point finger, and Shhh (be quiet)

  • Opened a new road connection near Pinecrest to the North Valley 
  • Added more houses in the North Valley area 
  • The top of the middle mountain is now accessible 
  • Added more car related loot spawns to the warehouses in the Valley 
  • Added skeletons to some houses and environment 
  • Added road barriers with blinking lights in the world 
  • Added water particle effects and sound on the small stream next to Sultan 
  • Replaced gas station with a new prefab outside of Pinecrest 
  • Adjusted the sound fall off for flies (should fade in/out better)

  • Three already crafted new weapons added. Note, recipes to craft these will be added at a later date, for now you can find them in the world.: 
  • Crafted 9mm pistol 
  • Crafted 5.56 rifle 
  • Crafted 9mm burst-mode rifle 
  • Three alcohol bottles added - Gin, Vodka, Whisky - for now they just add to hydration levels 
  • Molotov particle effect improved again and damage position adjusted 
  • Anti-radiation mushroom added 
  • Water bottles are refillable 
  • Hi-tops shoes added (seven color variations) 
  • Adjusted the weight of most shoes

  • Molotov crafting recipe adjusted to only need one rubbing alcohol (down from two)

  • Decreased flies sound loudness and attenuation distances 
  • Sounds added for some boids (little animals) 
  • m4a1 fire sound updated 
  • 22 rifle fire sound updated

Base Building
  • Gatehouse now has more health

  • Jeans texture made to be more efficient 
  • Fixed leaf particle effect that was too bright at night 
  • Fixed sunglasses with missing lens 
  • Adjusted brightness on cattle guard at night

  • Metal rails adjusted on one of the bridges to be the proper metal surface type now when hit 
  • Fixed incorrect LOD on the log piles (the LOD was oriented in wrong direction) 
  • Cliff walls physics proxy updated - shouldn't be able to hide in them now

  • Rifles now have a lowered and raised sprint to determine what stance you are in whilst sprinting 
  • Hi-tops shoes model skinned 
  • Improved skinning around the top of crazy mutant's legs 
  • Swimming animations have been improved for both 3p and sfp 
  • Swimming animations now trigger particle effects 
  • Fixed rifles when jumping in lowered stance. Camera no longer passes through shoulder 
  • Added in support for 3 crafted weapons; pistol, rifle, and burst-mode rifle 
  • 3 new emote animation; shhh, thumbs up, and pointing

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/755840390741084607]]>
Miscreated Patch 28 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/13/miscreated-patch-28/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/13/miscreated-patch-28/ Wed, 25 Nov 2015 14:29 CET

Damage System

This update contains a new experimental damage system for all projectiles (bullets). 
The damage is now, essentially, based on the kinetic energy of the projectile at time of impact. 
In prior releases the damage falloff could have been far too much at middle and long ranges for some weapons. 
This new system should make the damage a lot more consistent and predictable when you are shooting at someone. 
As a reminder, damage multipliers still apply on players and AI based on where you hit them at - aim for the head. 


• Several miscellaneous server crashes fixed 
• Item spawns/despawns have been slowed down to reduce server and network load 
• All ranged weapons should spawn in oriented correctly again and be easier to pick up as a result 
• Disabled an unneeded TCP/IP port Crytek opens on game launch - should help reduce game getting blocked from running 
• After crafting a horseshoe pack it will drop on the ground if you are already wearing a backpack 
• The molotov will now catch players on fire and anyone in the fire radius on the ground - effects still WIP 
• Headshots on mutants now work to kill them easier 


• Added player emotes to the game for better player interactions 
• Five current emotes - Hands-up, Wave, Middle finger, Stop, Come here 
• Can rebind emotes, but by default the current keybinds use F2-F6 
• More emotes will be added in future updates 


• Clyde Hill neighborhood added (northern part of the map) 
• AI added to underground bunkers 
• Added many new road signs around the map to help navigate 
• Added sound effect for flies to some areas 
• Added build exclusion zone that was missing around the fast food restaurant 
• Reduced max amount of shadows in trees from SVOGI (they were too dark) 


• Increased the spawn percent for the camo clothing 
• Adjusted spawn rates for backpacks 
• Fixed flashlight model so light is correctly emitted from it 
• Reduced the number of pellets emitted from the shotgun (does less damage overall) 
• Shotgun pellets now have correct bullet drop applied 
• Updated behavior, sound and particle effects for the molotov 
• Empty glass bottle is now a throwable item (attracts AI) 
• Ranged weapons and flashlight should be correctly oriented on the side of the player's body 
• Added new dust mask item 
• Added metal pipe crafting component 
• Added craftable pipebomb 
• Added headband item with color variations 
• Added military style metal and plastic canteens 
• Added left and right eyepatches 
• New Wasteland shirt, pants, and boots added with several color variations 


• Added another passenger location to the boat (holds a total of 5 people now) 
• Increased acceleration and maximum velocity for the boat 
• Boat's particle effects should play correctly 


• Increased distance weapon fire sounds can be heard 
• Vehicle volumes decreased 
• New ocean sounds 
• New M40A5 fire sound 
• New 12-gauge shotgun fire sound 
• New sounds for small animals 
• Added sound for filling a sandbag 
• Added new crazy mutant sounds 
• Added eating raw vegetables sound 
• Added eating pills sound 
• Added sound for using any type of bandage 
• Added sound for player getting sick (poisoned) 
• Added sounds for when player is thirsty 


• AI will now be attracted to glass bottles breaking and molotov explosions 
• AI should now wander around after killing their target 
• AI are now spawned in closer to players 
• Increased maximum number of AI in game at once 


• Updated animation that plays on the character portrait in the inventory screen 


• Fixed some windows being too bright at night 
• Improved the old, ugly looking street planter models and textures 
• Adjusted the textures on some of the rocks in game to look much better 
• Fixed material setup on the player and mutants - should eliminate the missing surface type errors that could appear 


• Added some models of just a house foundation for more variety in game world 
• Reduced size of tactical shotgun to be inline with real life dimensions 


• Flashlight - improvements made to movement to holding the flashlight while moving, changes to sprint holding as well 
• Tactical shotgun - animations altered to accommodate new weapon size 
• Emotes - 5 emotes added: wave, middle finger, stop, come here, and handsup/surrender 
• Firing weapon ironsights - new stable/smoother ironsight movement. While crouching in ironsight and moving forward, gun will no longer tilt. 
• G18 - bug while jumping and shooting is fixed. Now you can shoot forwards instead of shooting to the sky 
• Throwing items - slight change to the lowered movement hand position (visual change only) 
• Pipebomb - animation set up for the pipebomb 
• Hand/Arms - improvements to the skinning around the wrist area 
• Fishing boat - new passenger position added in front of the driver 
• ATV - passenger will now look forwards instead of backwards in first person mode

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/1584501654102259950]]>
Miscreated Patch 27 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/12/miscreated-patch-27/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/12/miscreated-patch-27/ Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:53 CET
Raise/Lower Weapon System
In this patch is a new weapon lowering/raising combat mechanic. 
By default you can use the "Tab" key to switch between the two (can be rebound to a key of your choosing). 
With your weapon raised, you will run slower in the game, so lower it when you are not in a combat situation. 
At any time you can sprint (from lowered or raised weapon postion) to sprint at full speed, but need to leave sprint to attack or fire. 

Pre-compiled Shader Cache
This patch contains the first iteration of distributing our own pre-compiled shader cache with the game to help reduce stalls while playing. 
We will continue to improve the cache each update. 

Server Rental
  • Fixed spelling of "http_password" in the hosting config file, so you can change it for your server 
  • All rented servers running in whitelisted mode will have the phrase " - Whitelisted Only" appended to their server name 
  • First-person only mode should work correctly 
  • wm_TimeScale will now work correctly in the hosting.cfg file 
  • Removed support for idle time related variables, temporarily 
  • Fixed issue with some rcon services not starting, so people renting servers couldn't issue commands

  • White flickering when joining another game is fixed 
  • Game will no longer start in fullscreen mode to workaround the mouse scaling issue. You can use Alt+Enter to switch after starting the game if you want to run in fullscreen 
  • Smoothed out player and AI movement - less jittering now 
  • Increased available network IDs, so busy servers should run longer 
  • Fixed server hang caused by a bad output message 
  • Server browser will no longer display servers that are still starting up and not ready for players to join yet 
  • More adjustments and improvements to the weapon lowering/raising system 
  • Adjusted player movement speeds when a weapon is raised - lower weapon to run at full speed 
  • Using an ironsight is now synchronized over the network 
  • Added "focus zoom" feature - can be used without a weapon also by holding down the right-mouse button 
  • Some fixes for head disappearing when scrolling view out 
  • Adjusted helper positions for firing, so you can't shoot through objects really close to you 
  • Reduced backpack spawn rates - can easily craft a starting one now 
  • Camera interpolation changed so it's smoother and has less lag 
  • Game sounds still continue to play when the game loses focus - keeps looping sounds from being lost 
  • Spawn in rotation and rotation of weapons visible on the player have been fixed for most weapons 
  • Player corpses shouldn't float as often and appear in a t-pose as much


All of the four camouflage patterns are now consistent across the various clothing pieces, so you can try to find a complete set, if wanted. The sets are named Woodland, Hunters, Hex, and Desert. 
  • Axe added - harvests wood a little better than a Hatchet, does more damage to players 
  • Balaclava added - five color variations 
  • Wool gloves added - nine color variations 
  • Gas mask added 
  • Rope added - used in crafting 
  • Empty bottle added - used in crafting 
  • Craftable horseshoe pack added - works as a backpack - default recipe for everyone 
  • Craftable molotov added - can be thrown and explodes - acts more like a grenade for now, but will be improved over time - default recipe for everyone 
  • Added several vegetables (seven of them) that will spawn in food related spots - later you will be able to grow them 
  • Added four camouflage versions of the puffy jacket 
  • Added four camouflage versions of the cargo pants 
  • Added four camouflage versions of the head bandana 
  • Added new camouflage version of the rugged backpack to be consistent with camouflage patterns 
  • Pickaxe changed to a primary slot weapon 
  • Added barbed wire coil - used in basebuilding - default recipe for everyone

Base Building
  • Added 2m and 4m barbed wire fence parts

  • New cave added 
  • Two new bunkers added 
  • Expanded the valley across from Brightmoor that loops around to Woodhaven - Get out and explore the world! 
  • Added new fastfood restaurant to the map

  • Can be repaired by hitting them with the Lug Wrench again 
  • Suspension adjusted to reduce vehicles randomly bouncing

  • Any vegetation that moves when touched will now make a sound - sounds are still WIP 
  • Added ejected shell impact sounds on the ground

  • AI will now be attracted to voice chat in game

  • Altered crouching movement animations so you can no longer peak through walls 
  • Improved no weapon/melee jumping animations for sfp 
  • Realigned the camera correctly during idle animations for vehicles 
  • Heavy landing animation fixed to remove sliding about of character 
  • Added head movement to all lowered weapon poses 
  • Added new lowered weapon stance to all weapons 
  • Fine tuned raised weapon stance for all weapons, including fists 
  • Many other changes to stances

  • Adjusted bad normal map on plaster walls 
  • Fixed the white car and some trees so they can be harvested for crafting materials 
  • Altered color of the default rugged backpack - khaki colored now

  • Tactical keybind renamed to Raise/Lower

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/760340444096969653]]>
Miscreated Patch 26 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/11/miscreated-patch-26/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/11/miscreated-patch-26/ Mon, 12 Oct 2015 13:44 CEST

Server Rentals

You can now rent your own game server from TrinityGames! 
Servers are available in different slot counts (maximum number of players) and in many regions of the world. 
They will be offering a reduced rate for the first people wanting their own server. 

When you rent your own server, you will currently be able to control the following: 
  • First-person only mode - no third-person views will be allowed - default is first and third-person views 
  • Customize your server's name - must still be within naming guidelines 
  • Whitelist only server - you can control a list of who can join your server 
  • Control the time-of-day acceleration rate - from 24-hours for a full day/night cycle up to 4 hours for full cycle 
  • Lock the time - instead of using a day/night cycle you can force an exact time always for your server 
  • Ping limits - can specify a maximum ping limit for players to join your server 
  • Idle kick timer - can control how long a connection can be idle before a player is removed 
  • Banning players - you can ban players from your server - within guidelines 
  • Server messages - can send messages to all players that will appear at the top of their screen


Known Issues
When you log into a server and the screen is mostly white, or flickering white, then exit the game and join the server again. It's an issue that is being looked into. 

  • We are testing increased player counts on some of the servers 
  • Basic native support for controller input devices (e.g. wired XBox.360, XBox-One) 
  • New camera system for vehicles (the camera system now works the same in all situations in game) - quadbike is jittery and we will improve it 
  • Tactical transition now blocks all hostile actions 
  • Fixed inverse mouse axis binding 
  • Fixed head visibility when switching between fp/tp 
  • Increased the newtork update frequency for both players and AI

  • Several minor updates to the currently playable areas 
  • Some updates to the heighmap for the hills in the center of the map 
  • Fixed a doorway in a trailerhome that the player couldn't get through

  • Can now right-click and fill a sandbag, which will allow you to make sandbag parts for your base now

  • Adjusted the texture on the warehouses 
  • Removed tesselation from many material - will help performance when running in higher spec modes 
  • Fixed the material on the toad 
  • Adjusted textures on the commonly used cabinets 
  • Adjusted textures on the trailer homes 
  • Fixed flickering ivy material 
  • Fixed materials issues with some of the sheds to work better with SVOGI 
  • Reduced polygon count for some of the ammo piles 
  • Fixed hammer's texture to work with SVOGI 
  • Adjusted our default window texture to allow more light for SVOGI

  • Several improvements to animations due to the new SFP mode 
  • Fixed firing animation issue with the flare gun and revolver

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/754709391675457097]]>
Miscreated Patch 25 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/10/miscreated-patch-25/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/10/miscreated-patch-25/ Wed, 30 Sep 2015 23:16 CEST
• Fixed "Virtual Function" crash when exiting the game 
• Reduced the likelihood of the game staying running in the task manager after exiting 
• Fixed crash when picking up items or swapping items in inventory 
• Adjust lighting for SVOGI more - also made interiors a little brighter 
• Reduced frequency of stalls/freezes while playing 
• Increased grass render distance 
• Potential fix for servers getting stuck and not being able to join them (getting sent back to server browser screen) 
• Added settings which can be used to force a server to be locked to an exact time 
• Removed all fog weather patterns for now - will be added back in later when the fog flickering is fixed 
• Fixed crash from turning off the flashlight/torch or dropping it on the ground 
• Altered Crytek recommended setting that should help reduce stuttering/freezing while playing 
• Rendering engine updated to use the amazing SVOGI system from Crytek 
• Texture flickering greatly reduced if not totally removed on most things 
• Better texture compression - uses less VRAM and more efficiently streams to the GPU 
• Less stutters while playing caused by textures being loaded 
• Some forest assets are a lot more optimized now 
• Player oxygen system added - player will now start drowning when the oxygen meter runs out 
• Smaller install size - 10GB down to 7GB 
• Stars are much brighter at night 
• Lots and lots of general clean-up and improvements with the entire game 

• Adjusted the color of the tree LOD textures to blend much better 

• Adjusted the stairs in some of the houses so it's smoother going up them 

• Moved the exit positions for the ATV closer to itself 
• Horns and lights are synchronized to all players 

• Many more animations updated because of the new SFP mode 
• Fixed camera clipping through the ceiling when jumping in some buildings and structures 
• Adjusted flashlight animations to work better 
• Adjusted animations so the player's feet don't slide as much when moving 
• Rifle melee animations updated 
• New SFP-based (Simulated First Person) animation system (still WIP) 
• Almost every player animation in the game has been updated for SFP 
• First person/third person shadows always match now 
• Tactical weapon mode - raise/lower weapon 
• DOF added to weapons when aiming 
• Aiming system improved due to new SFP mode 

• Light from the flashlight and torch is no longer obscured by their own model (was causing odd behaving shadows) 
• Adjusted physics proxies on ranged weapons so they don't bounce around when dropped 

• Much more efficient network layer (processing is about 10x faster than before) 
• More efficient entity priority system 
• Client joins server slightly faster - "Joining Server..." phase 
• Client loads the world map faster - "Loading World.." 
• Server synchronizes data to clients faster - "Synchronizing World..." phase 

• Added Oxygen meter display to the stats bar 
• Modified the temperature meter display to show the player's temperature in Celsius 

• Much more efficient AI pathfinding system 

• EAC updated to latest version 

• Weapon shot reverb sounds working

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/792988693633282227]]>
Miscreated Patch 24 - Experimental Server Only https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/9/miscreated-patch-24-experimental-server-only/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/9/miscreated-patch-24-experimental-server-only/ Sat, 12 Sep 2015 17:37 CEST
• Rendering engine updated to use the amazing SVOTI system from Crytek 
• Texture flickering greatly reduced 
• Better texture compression - uses less VRAM and more efficiently streams to the GPU 
• Less stutters while playing caused by textures being loaded 
• Some forest assets are a lot more optimized now 
• Player oxygen system added - player will now start drowning when the oxygen meter runs out 
• Smaller install size - 10GB down to 7GB 
• Stars are much brighter at night 
• Lots and lots of general cleanup and improvements with the entire game 

• Much more efficient network layer (processing is about 10x faster than before) 
• More efficient entity priority system 
• Client joins server slightly faster - "Joining World..." phase 
• Client loads the world map faster - "Loading World.." 
• Server synchronizes data to clients faster - "Synchronizing World..." phase 

• New SFP-based (Simulated First Person) animation system (still WIP) 
• Almost every player animation in the game has been updated for SFP 
• First person/third person shadows always match now 
• Tactical weapon mode - raise/lower weapon 
• DOF added to weapons when aiming 
• Aiming system improved due to new SFP mode 

• Added Oxygen meter display to the stats bar 
• Modified the temperature meter display to show the player's temperature in Celsius 

• Much more efficient AI pathfinding system 

• EAC updated to latest version 

• Weapon shot reverb sounds working 

• Horns and lights are synchronized to all players

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/792987371418688949]]>
Miscreated Patch 23 - Base Building And Clans https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/8/miscreated-patch-23-base-building-and-clans/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/8/miscreated-patch-23-base-building-and-clans/ Tue, 28 Jul 2015 01:08 CEST
For this patch we are very pleased to introduce both our basebuilding and clan systems! This is the first implementation of each system, and we plan to still add even more features to them in the coming months. We are very interested in hearing you feedback on them, so be sure to let us know your thoughts on any of the social media sites. 

Core basebuilding features: 
  • Completely freeform basebuilding system - the Miscreated basebuilding system is different from all of the other existing survival games available and it gives you total control to make as complex and pretty of a base as you want. This is not the typical, snap-together Lego style system other games have. 
  • Over 100 different parts are currently available for your base, with more coming soon. 
  • Several different categories (with many subcategories and types) of parts available - wood, sand, tires, powered. Metal to be added in a future patch. 
  • Anyone can interact with your base - repair parts, turn lights on/off, open/close unlocked doors, turn generators on/off. Non-clan members cannot alter the structure of your base - add/remove parts, attach/detach parts to power. 
  • Find crafting guides to learn more advanced basebuilding recipes. You can also find someone that knows a part's recipe you don't and politely ask them to make the part for you. 
  • Join a clan to have fellow clan members help you build your base. 
  • Basebuilding restrictions - bases cannot be placed in towns or some other key areas to prevent griefing in those areas. Other players also cannot build bases very close to your base. 
  • Pack up and move undamaged parts - if damaged, you can repair them first, or you can dismantle damaged parts to get one of the crafting materials back. 
  • Damaged states for parts - at each 25% damage the color of a damaged part will darken more.

Official Miscreated basebuilding guide. We highly recommend you read it: http://miscreatedgame.com/files/basebuilding/MiscreatedBasebuildingGuide.pdf 

Core clan features: 
  • Clans are persistent (remembered between server restarts and logging in/out) and per server. 
  • Clans can be created, disbanded, and you can invite other players to your clan by targeting them and using the mouse wheel option. 
  • Invited players can decline an invite or accept it. 
  • Clan owner can promote other clan members to be a clan captain, so they can invite new, or remove existing, clan members. 
  • For this release, all clan members can alter the structure of any clan owned bases. In a future release there will be more specific permission controls added.

  • Increased character's weight limit to 40kg 
  • Removed the medium and heavy fog pattern because of the fog flickering they caused 
  • Fixed some issues with the cursor showing up and not going away 
  • You can now change the shoulder the camera is over (default 'B' key) 
  • Added hiding of third person character parts if they block the view when the camera is too close to the character 
  • When freelooking in first person view the camera movement simulates the neck bending 
  • Made it easier to use ladders 
  • You will only see the "another player is too close" message if you have another player, vehicle, or item targeted 
  • Fixed issue with your location not being restored after logging in 
  • SFP mode (simulated first person) has been removed by default until ready to be released

  • Added patch notes to the main menu - click on the Patch Notes text to view them 
  • Added game related hints to the loading screen 
  • Removed Hide inventory keybind (inventory and chat gets closed now by pressing the same key to open it or by opening the main menu) 
  • Changed the main menu background to all black for now so you can read patch notes better - we'll improve it again in the future

  • Added flag poles to the military base 
  • Opened a small area north of Brightmoor 
  • Added a couple of underground bunkers around the map (happy exploring, and more will be added in future updates) 
  • Tweaked Brightmoor and added a few new buildings in that area 
  • Added four more small tent prefabs for the military base 
  • Added three new townhouse shop prefabs 
  • Added new steel barrack prefabs 
  • Added new shed prefabs 
  • Added new cattle shed prefabs 
  • Added domestic garages prefabs and made them enterable and with item spawns 
  • Added loot spawns to a couple of houses that didn't have them 
  • Tweaks to the military base spawns - lowered the rate of weapon spawns 
  • Added loot and interior for small rooms in the back of the hangars in the military base 
  • Added a couple more variations to the barns 
  • Added new shed prefabs 
  • Various houses with no loot or interiors have interiors and loot now 
  • Added more variations to steel barracks 
  • Radio tower now had a ladder and is climbable 
  • Numerous other minor things fixes/improvements all around the map 
  • Added in apartment buildings

  • Added LODs for lots of objects in the world - should help a little with performance 
  • Fixed missing surface types for cabins 
  • Optimized some cloud textures 
  • Fixed the textures on several assets to be more PBR compliant 
  • Hatchet updates, re-textured and fixed model and LODs 
  • Added some new blood splats 
  • Tweaked the crazy mutant material slightly

  • Added new items to loot spawns that are used in basebuilding 
  • Added new crafting guides to loot spawns that are by the character to learn new crafting recipes 
  • Fixed spelling of the Pickaxe and increased its melee range

  • Fixed the shotgun fire sound being heard from really far away 
  • Adjusted the attenuation on the ocean and other ambient sounds so they are not as loud and abrupt

  • Lots of animation tweaks as we continue to make the switch to a third person only animation system

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/801990394883746907]]>
Miscreated Patch 22 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/7/miscreated-patch-22/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/7/miscreated-patch-22/ Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:49 CEST
For this update we had to wipe all of the characters and items in the game. We really try to minimize how often we have to do it (this is only the second time in 6 months), but at times it is necessary. 

Experimental Features 

The basebuiding feature is currently undergoing rapid improvements and changes. It is still not ready for general release, but we will have a whitelisted server where some people will be testing the system and they are welcome to stream while they are playing and building bases. We hope to release it to everyone in the following update. 

Keybinds are now accessible in the main menu of the game. This is our first implementation of them, so we'll be fixing any issues and improving the feature as needed. 

Ladders have been added to several buildings and structures in the game. They are not working perfectly yet, but are good enough for an initial release. It can be difficult to still use them from the top of a ladder to get back down. Try pressing "F" (use key) at the top of ladders even if you don't see a prompt at times - may have to crouch and wiggle around a bit as well. We will continue to fix them. 

  • All characters are now locked to each server. This means each server you play on saves your character independently. You can still switch servers at any time, but your items and character position will no longer be carried across every server. 
  • There is now a 30 second wait timer before you can leave a server, a countdown is displayed next to the button. 
  • Optimized more network messages to reduce bandwidth 
  • Whitelist server support added 
  • Fixed player temperature increase/decrease rates 
  • Poison ability added to game - icon will appear in status bar area 
  • Can now freelook while swimming 
  • Fixed triple tapping on VoIP key, have to double-tap twice now to toggle it back 
  • Ladders added to several buildings in the world (experimental feature) 
  • EAC updated

  • Fixed oddities around the fire station in Pinecrest 
  • Some new props added around the world and in buildings 
  • New radio tower added to map 
  • New shop signs and motels sign added 
  • Made it easier to use the roof bridge between the large office buildings 
  • Fixed spawners for items that you couldn't get 
  • Fixed issue with being able to walk through one of the walls in the office building

  • Added Pickaxe item 
  • Altered spawn rates for all melee weapons 
  • Added protection levels for shoes - can view it in the item's tooltip 
  • Healing mushroom can now be eaten 
  • Antibiotics added to spawn tables, can be used. 
  • Increased hip fire accuracy for the Carlington, adjusted particle effects and shell ejection 
  • Added double-tap ability to toggle sprinting 
  • Melee weapons now play correct particle effects when being used 
  • Crafting guides added to the world to find, these will unlock unique recipes when used. Once learned you will always have it, even if you die.

  • Altered items that harvest materials. Hatchet is for wood, Hammer is metal, Pickaxe is rock. 
  • New recipe system added to the game - old crafting UI has been removed 
  • Find crafting guides and use them to learn more recipes. Recipes persist through death. 
  • You can now right click and turn unused clothing into rags. Note: Only some clothing can be changed into rags.

  • Fixed exit location on Tractor 
  • Added damage behavior for the fishing boat, so it can be damaged properly now 
  • Added basic damaged model for the fishing boat 
  • Adjusted handling on several vehicles 
  • Adjusted particle effects on several vehicles 
  • Fixed baggage car rear lights


If you see a "V" under the action menu that means you can use the mouse wheel to scroll down to see more options you can click on. Right-click to cancel. 

  • Made action menu easier to read text 
  • Keybinds UI added - if you made an old custom keybind xml file, delete it. 
  • Pressing ESC with the inventory open will now close it.

  • Added new "Crazy" mutant

  • 1p shotgun sounds will now not play duplicate sound effects 
  • Adjusted some melee weapons to use correct "fire" sounds instead of select sounds 
  • Added sound effects for throwable items 
  • Fixed playback of footstep sounds - can't hear them across the map now at times

  • Adjusted 1p flashlight animations while sprinting 
  • Removed reaction animations when standing in smoke 
  • Many animations updated 
  • Fixed swimming animation that was making the player bend oddly 
  • Can now crouch and throw items

  • Fixed some texture issues inside the church 
  • Fixed missing surface types on utility pole cables 
  • Fixed missing surface types on steel military building 
  • Lowered brightness on some graffiti 
  • Optimized many textures for use on lower texture setting levels 
  • Optimized some ground textures/materials to reduce size 
  • Optimized many textures to reduce size or improve material setups 
  • Removed tessellation from vegetation objects 
  • Removed breakable flag on some assets that were causing network issues 
  • Adjusted main road texture 
  • Windsock model replaced and is now animated

Source : http://steamcommunity.com//games/299740/announcements/detail/787350625080159585]]>
Miscreated Patch 21 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/6/miscreated-patch-21/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/6/miscreated-patch-21/ Sat, 23 May 2015 16:05 CEST
  • Vehicle wheels will now display correctly and the vehicle bouncing issue should be fixed. 
  • Optimized networking layer to reduce bandwidth usage

  • All tractor props have been removed 
  • Added logs at current river boundaries so players can avoid getting boats stuck there 
  • Updated gravel texture material 
  • Generators now have a physics proxy so you can't walk through them 
  • Added vehicle spawn locations to some of the newer areas we've released

  • Increased running speed while using a Torch 
  • Old rugged backpack model replaced with new model 
  • New rugged backpack has four color variations 
  • Added baseball bat - primary weapon and will appear on your back when not used 
  • Jerry cans now spawn with a physics proxy 
  • Torch no longer leaves behind a particle effect and sound when deselected or entering water 
  • Fixed attachment points for the M40A5 so sniper scope is in correct location 
  • Added in 5.56 rounds and spent rounds 
  • Adjusted particle effects for the AT-15 and M40A5 rifles 
  • Adjusted all spawn percentages for melee weapons

  • Baseball bat can be improved with nails

The tires don't display the damage % correctly. For now, you can drag a destroyed tire into your inventory and back onto the vehicle to repair it. 
  • Added drivable tractor 
  • Boats have pushable flag set, so players can push them a little when needed 
  • Moved exit position for passengers to be inside of the boat instead of outside in the water 
  • Adjusted wheel physics proxy so quadbike doesn't appear to float above the ground a little, fixed handle bar rotation 
  • Fixed missing horn sound on the truck

  • Sniper scope icon added 
  • Added icons for new baseball bat weapons 
  • Added icons for new rugged backpack variations 
  • Fixed incorrect display of vehicle wheels appearing

  • Fixed mutant spawning inside of a house and being stuck in the floor

There is an issue where you can currently hear firing sounds really far away (a byproduct of the reverb system we're working on). We will hotfix soon to remove those. 
  • Sounds added for the tractor 
  • Many weapon sounds updated with reverb now when firing 
  • Fixed duplicate firing sound from the shotgun

  • Animation set added for the baseball bat 
  • Altered the flashlight animations so he light is held up instead of the old down position 
  • New rugged backpack properly skinned to deform with character movement 
  • Added another fist melee animation variation

  • Sandbags texture adjusted to not be as bright 
  • Adjusted textures on the large rock walls and stone rocks 
  • ATM model updated 
  • Fixed some flickering issues on one of the warehouses 
  • Fixed LOD textures on the church 
  • Fixed some flickering decals on some building floors 
  • Fixed bodybags LODs 
  • Fixed surface types for the military tent LODs 
  • Improved texture on one of the shed models 
  • Fixed wooden fence that didn't have a surface type assigned to it

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/130947808319959536]]>
Miscreated Patch 20 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/5/miscreated-patch-20/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/5/miscreated-patch-20/ Fri, 01 May 2015 21:43 CEST
  • VoIP fixed 
  • Fix for being sent back to the server browser windows if EAC disconnects you will loading the map 
  • EAC updated to latest version 
  • Fixed some issues with inventories not being updated when logging in - still WIP in some cases

  • More map areas opened to the north of Sultan, Pinecrest and Brightmoor (some parts are still WIP, so expect minor issues) 
  • Sandbags have been added to several locations on the map 
  • Hardware shop prefab slightly updated - another new variation added 
  • New "Bungalow" house added to a couple of map locations 
  • More spawn locations and objects added to office buildings 
  • Empty house in Brightmoor replaced with a proper prefab version

  • M40A5 rifle added 
  • Magazine added for M40A5 
  • Sniper scope added 
  • Crafted torch added (light and particle effects still WIP) - works like flashlight, left click to turn on/off, T to melee 
  • Rate of fire adjusted on the revolver and 9mm pistols

  • Fishing boat added - can carry the driver and three passengers 
  • Vehicles should no longer start bouncing when exited 
  • Some inventory bugs have been fixed - especially after re-logging 
  • Particle effects for vehicles are now working - exhaust, etc.

  • Stowpack icons updated to match the new model from last patch 
  • Action menu slightly updated so it's a little more visible in game

  • AI added to many areas where they were missing before

  • Sounds added for the fishing boat 
  • Sounds added for the M40A5 (still WIP) 
  • Sounds added for the torch 
  • Ambient sounds added to newer map areas

  • Slight update to the revolver to fix some twitching while aiming 
  • New Spiker animations - the AI skeleton now matches the player one a lot better, so we will be able to do more with AI animations in the future 
  • Throwing animation reduced so it isn't as extreme now

  • Fixed missing surface type errors on 24-Hour convenience store 
  • Fixed missing surface types on a few models - especially all the rocks used a lot in the caves 
  • Revolver materials slightly updated to be more PBR correct 
  • Optimized some bathroom textures that were excessive in size 
  • Stowpack textures altered so they are not so bright 
  • Carlington textures slightly updated 
  • Fixed more flickering issues on floor of 24-Hour store

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/130945904552896372]]>
Miscreated Patch 19 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/4/miscreated-patch-19/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/4/miscreated-patch-19/ Sat, 18 Apr 2015 15:25 CEST
There has been a lot of improvements in this patch to the entire map to reduce the number of objects potentially being drawn to reduce VRAM usage and drawcalls. This is an ongoing process and more will be done in future updates as well. 
  • Game install scripts will attempt to automatically add exceptions for the game exe files to the windows firewall. 
  • Can now use the "Join Game" feature in Steam to join a friend's server automatically 
  • Fixed rare VoIP server crash 
  • Adjusted the third person camera when exiting a vehicle 
  • Increased chance for rain and fog weather patterns to occur 
  • Decreased damage multipliers for player's arms and legs

All of the ranged weapons have now had their mechanics adjusted. We will continue to adjust them as needed, but let us know on our forums if you have anything specific you believe needs to be addressed with them. 
  • The shotgun damage mechanics were altered a lot to balance it out more 
  • The fire rate of the 9mm pistol and the revolver have been decreased so they can no longer be used as miniguns 
  • Adjusted the ammo for the Carlington so it shouldn't appear in game when added it 
  • Adjusted the weight of some melee weapons to balance them out better 
  • Adjusted movement modifiers for some weapons 
  • Added initial explosion particle effect for the jerry can, so it looks better 
  • Thrown items will now be thrown in the proper direction and their thrown origin adjusted 
  • Minor change to the flare gun so when shot the projectile stays in the air longer 
  • Adjusted spawn chances for 9mm magazines

  • Added screen effect for radiation 
  • Fixed the keybind image, so it now shows the Start/Stop engine keybind 
  • Updated splash screen and main menu backgrounds

  • Initial work started on area North of Northern gas station in Sultan (the one across the river) 
  • Area opened across the river from the racetrack 
  • New 24-Hour style shopping mart added to Woodhaven and Brightmor

  • The material and textures for Spiker were adjusted to look better for now

  • Many animations for the player and weapons have been further adjusted and improved. 
  • Weapons there were clipping into the players head when aiming have been fixed

  • Optimized House A prefab and fixed floating rubbish for it 
  • Adjusted the material on the AT-15 so it looks less washed out 
  • Stowpack backpack models have been replaced. 
  • Altered look of more of the graffiti in the world 
  • Toned down the brightness on speed limit signs 
  • Minor adjustments to many other models and textures 
  • Removed some problematic decals from prefabs that flickered a lot and improved other places the flickered

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/129818850210078772]]>
Miscreated Patch 18 https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/3/miscreated-patch-18/ https://miscreated-servers.com/blog/3/miscreated-patch-18/ Wed, 01 Apr 2015 17:01 CEST
  • Fixed CryEngine issue so CPU usage is now reduced 
  • Fixed the hit direction for ranged weapons when turning sharply 
  • Fixed the hit direction of melee attacks with ranged weapons 
  • Added in more world detail around Pincecrest and Brightmor 
  • Fixed an inventory related crash for clients 
  • Player corpses now will stay in the world for 15 minutes (up from 5 minutes) 
  • Fixed a rare crash related to VOIP DLL 
  • Altered some of the graffiti in the game

We will be going through and adjusting all of the weapons, both ranged and melee, to balance them out better and to improve their mechanics. This will be an ongoing process over the next couple of patches. 
  • Adjusted damage levels on the crafted paddles and their bleed percent chances 
  • Adjusted some weapon mechanics for the Model 70 (Carlington) 
  • Adjusted 9mm pistol weapon mechanics 
  • Adjusted .357 Python weapon mechanics

  • Updated VOIP icons to be more visible 
  • Minor updates to the Main Menu

  • Added a flag to pistol fire animations so sounds are not cutoff 
  • Adjusted all rifle fire sounds to match our pistol sound configurations (to help prevent server-wide sounds) 
  • Adjusted model for the hardware shop so footstep sounds should now work in it properly

  • Fixed some Model 70 (Carlington) animation issues (including when aiming) 
  • Fixed some .357 Python related issues (including when aiming) 
  • Fixed some 9mm pistol related issues (including when aiming) 
  • Sped up crouch to stand and stand to crouch animations 
  • Improved crouching animations 
  • Altered Flaregun aiming to share the .357 Python's animations 
  • Fixed vehicle steering animations

  • Optimized LODs on the Eastern Hemlock trees (adjusted colors also) 
  • Optimized LODs on the White Fir trees (adjusted colors also) 
  • Removed medium-sized Hemlock tress and instead replaced them with scaled down adult versions (saves texture and model space) 
  • Fixed no surface type error on grass 
  • Removed physics on small runway lights 
  • Added physics to the antiseptic bandage, so it will now fall when dropped - improved the material as well.

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/299740/announcements/detail/129817471115184530]]>