Miscreated: Canyonlands DLC Release

Posted on December 4th, 2019 02:00 PM EST
Miscreated Canyonlands Map!
Players can now play on the brand new Canyonlands map after they purchase the Miscreated Canyonlands DLC on Steam. This new hand-crafted, desert-themed map is based on the deserts of the southwestern United States.

  • New weather - sandstorm and heatwave patterns
  • New vehicles - beetle-style and a police SUV
  • New animals - ram, donkey, and giant scorpions
  • New clothes - unique desert-themed scavenger outfit
  • New weapons - western style Model 1873 lever action rifle and the Peacekeeper revolver


Update 1.6.0

Alongside this DLC we've also released a patch for the base game, and started our Christmas themed event.

  • This update re-introduces some existing holiday items and also adds some new ones for this year!
  • New Christmas-themed event added

Task Log
  • A new task log has been added to help newer players learn the basics of the game
  • We plan to add more advanced tasks in future updates
  • Once all the tasks have been completed the task window will be hidden

  • Increased friction on sand surfaces so vehicles have a little more traction
  • Removed the overlay effect on the welder mask and sunglasses
  • Updated shader cache to reduce stalls while playing

Base Building
  • New garage door added with plated variation
  • Removed shadow casting from Christmas candles to increase rendering performance
  • Fixed issue with doors moving when entering relevance distance and they would end up in the wrong place

  • Removed physics proxy from the doors of the party bus so it can drive through base gates easier

  • Fixed delete message when trying to delete an item from the kiosk
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