Update 1.5.0 - 10/16/19

Posted on October 16th, 2019 02:21 PM EST

In addition to a unique Halloween Event!, we have added a bunch of new Halloween themed items for you to find. They will spawn in the world via the Halloween bags or may be found by other means.

  • EasyAntiCheat updated to latest version

Base Building
  • Improved wall placement for snapping
  • Added new snapping sticky placement method (only modding for now)
  • Fixed tent placement distance when placing a tent
  • Prevent emotes after death
  • Fixed server-side exclusion checks (not relevant for most maps)

  • Additional AI optimizations to increase server performance
  • Fixed server crash caused by Chickens and Roosters
  • Fixed issue with AI spawning in very odd places at times

  • Many Halloween items added for Halloween (no spoilers!)

  • Removed the ability to store C4, C4 bricks and C4 traps
  • Removed the ability to store to store Pipebombs and Pipebomb traps
  • Removed the ability to store explosive arrows
  • Various items can be added to the kiosk system (mostly Halloween related)

  • Added requested keybind change for modders (helicopter related)
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