Update #62 - 8/7/2018

Posted on August 7th, 2018 11:37 AM EST
  • When a player overconsumes food/drink it can cause involuntarily loss of stomach contents. (40% of food/drink lost)
  • Vomiting can also be caused in a less potent way by sickness, poison, dizziness or radiation sickness - in this case only a fourth of the food/drink is lost
  • After vomiting the player feels slightly better if he was dizzy before

Humidity/Visible Warm Breath
  • If the combination of the difference of air to exhaled air temperature and air humidity is high enough then the players breath becomes visible
  • The breath frequency is based on the stamina strain on the character and works in combination with the hold breath actions
  • The breath visibility duration depends on the how fast the exhaled humidity can be absorbed in the air

  • A player gets wet by going underwater, being in the rain or high humidity
  • When a player gets wet enough water begins dripping to the ground for a certain period until the player is dry enough again
  • Wet players have a medium protection against heat and fire, but are more susceptible to cold

Vehicle Skins
  • Support for skinning/painting vehicles has been added to the game
  • As you drive the pickup truck, base sedan, or semi there is a random chance you will be awarded a new skin for the vehicle you are driving
  • Skins for additional vehicles will be added in future updates
  • All the current skins are just solid color variants
  • Vehicle skins can be sold and traded via Steam inventory
  • A new vehicle paint shop has been added to the map - vehicles must be taken there to be skinned
  • A vehicle kiosk is located in the building that will show you all the vehicle skins you have
    It costs amcoins to paint/skin a vehicle - the cost of skins will eventually vary based on the skin
  • Skins on a vehicle will persist through server restarts

Repair Kits
  • Repair kits have been added to the game and will allow you to now repair most weapons
  • The health of the repair kits determines how much it will repair a weapon - a 15% health kit will repair its corresponding weapon by 15%
  • You can combine health kits together - a 15% and a 30% will become a 45% kit - anything over 100 will be lost
  • A weapon can be broken down into a repair kit for that weapon - the health of the weapon determines the health of the resulting repair kit
  • You repair a weapon, or combine repair kits, by dragging and dropping them in the UI - the background of an applicable item will turn blue

Item Damage/Degradation
  • All weapons now spawn with a random amount of health
  • They will need to be repaired to 100% in order to be stored in a kiosk
    In this update the health of an item does NOT affect its performance, but it will in the next update
  • When a player takes damage any clothing that has a health value in the area that was hit will be damaged
  • For example, a player gets shot in the chest and it's possible both the jacket and shirt will be damaged
  • Only a small amount of clothing has a health value and can currently be damaged, but all clothing will have a health value in the next update

Server Fixes
  • Fixes for water spawning issue
  • Fixes for some stuck server issues
  • Fixes for kicking players when moving fast - driving vehicles
  • Server crash fix for a memory allocation bug
  • Tow cable optimizations to help reduce crashes while towing metal parts
  • Rate limited damage to base parts to reduce database updates and client messages

  • Better emote reliability and speed
  • More world actions added for new assets/areas
  • Weather stats slightly tweaked in regard to humidity and breath visibility
  • Burning barrel now provides warmth and lower humidity, as well as new fire damage setup
  • Gamma curve limit added
  • Server message sent to all clients when an admin manually starts a weather pattern
  • Current weather pattern is now output as part of the server status command
  • Slight network optimization by excluding certain objects server-side
  • Slight network optimization in the initialization of storage, dryfire, ladder
  • Slight server performance optimization by excluding weather audio, visuals and client only objects on servers
  • When using the context menu to craft an item the resulting item will be dropped on the ground if you don't have room in your inventory
  • Resulting crafted items that drop to the ground now have their orientation randomized to help eliminate perfectly stacking objects on the ground
  • Items restored from a kiosk will always have the correct stack size and health
  • Inventory opens faster the very first time you open it
  • Fixed "Unknown" player bug in area chat

  • Drivable semi truck added
  • When a pickup truck, base sedan, or semi spawns it will appear with a random paint color

  • New junkyard area added that contains the vehicle paint shop
  • New semi truck prefabs have been updated/added to the map
  • Semi truck spawn locations added

  • Removed double keybind of controller crouch/inventory
  • Fixed some incorrect icons UI/Steam icons

  • Fixed BE/DE flex cap names
  • Repair kits can be randomly found in the game and can also be looted from certain boxes and workbenches
  • Red dot sight added
  • Lug wrench does not degrade as quickly when repairing vehicles
  • Some new skins have been added for the .22 pistol, AT-15, Carlington, and HK45 - they are all randomly awarded as you play the game

  • There is a chance that when you loot from some world objects that you will disturb some sleeping critters
  • Mutants can now alert other nearby mutants
  • Mutants can now slightly evade if you are aiming at them - how often and how much depends on the mutant type
  • Baby spiders no longer leave behind a corpse when they explode
  • Small tweak to the human spider that should reduce its likelihood of getting stuck when spitting venom
  • Increased chance to find amcoins on mutants
  • Giant roach added

  • Update to melee system to work with our camera system - players will now be able to aim better during melee
  • Fixed weapon placement timing during shotgun select animations
  • Barfing animation added
  • Fix for movement animations - when looking directly up the body will now not twist oddly
  • Meleeing now cancels emotes
  • Separate animations added for the Katana instead of using the baseball bat animations
  • Crouching movement animations have been made more consistent - this fixed hyperextension during ironsight whilst movement crouching
  • More movement added to some AI arms to make them less stiff
  • Colt python poses once over - also improved firing and reloading animations

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