SWE/EU - Gameaholic.se - Mods - Extended Base/Storage/Weather!

SWE/EU - Gameaholic.se - Mods - Extended
Hostname SWE/EU - Gameaholic.se - Mods - Extended Base/Storage/Weather!
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 3 / 30
Location Sweden
Version 1011070
Platform Windows
Map islands
Website http://www.gameaholic.se
Registered by 8ody8ag
Registered since July 13th, 2019 11:24 PM EST
Last update November 26th, 2019 04:44 PM EST

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//Server Info:
Server is public, located in Stockholm and hosted on a very powerfull machine at GTX-Gaming.
We had it on a 6 month test period, whitelisted, before we brougth it up online for the public!

Server is on 30 slots during low-pop and can/will be pushed up to 50 slots when needed.
Auto Restarts every 6th hour at 01:00, 07:00, 13:00 and 19:00 UTC+2 with 10-1 min warnings!

We've chosen to named the server both PvP and PvE, cause of the hardcore weather system
and a pretty nasty mutant spawn with plenty of hords. As a player you'll sometimes need to
fight the environment in-game more then other players.. . - You think you can handle it?

// Mods we use on our Miscreated server now:
1696890483 - Bigger Base
1673502088 - Landscaping
1760438575 - Storage Expansion Mod
1828526101 - More Storage (Wooden Boxes)
1762205844 - Bigger Backpacks
1754070534 - More Generators & Furnaces
1715102088 - Tents Anywhere
1755004632 - Towable Diesel Generator
1717743418 - Military Guide
1676067597 - Harvest seeds
1731945199 - Makeshift Melee Weapons
1918286973 - HighTecOutfits (Helmets with light)
1807643206 - Climates of Orca - Weather Extended
1735558005 - The Cook - Camping Survival Module
[Hidden Key] - Bigger Stacks (Gameaholic edited)
[Hidden Key] - Base Building Expansion (Gameaholic edited)
[Hidden Key] - Crafted Raincoats - Hardcore (Gameaholic edited)
[Hidden Key] - Vehicle Pack, Limiter & Spawn timer. (Gameaholic edited)

// Vehicle Spawns, persists for 3 weeks without interaction:
2 - Armored Army Trucks
2 - Armored Police Trucks
15 - Sedans (Flippable)
10 - Police Cars
10 - Taxi Cabs
10 - SUV (Flippable)
10 - Mustang GT500 "Shelby" (7 color models & flippable)
20 - Quadbikes (Flippable)
5 - Dune Buggies (Flippable)
7 - F100 Trucks (Custom skins & flippable)
7 - Heavy Raider (Flippable)
5 - HMMWV (8 color models & flippable)
4 - Five Ton Trucks
2 - Semi Trucks
2 - Party Bus
15 - Volkswagen Beetle (7 color models & flippable)
10 - Fishing Boats
10 - Jetski
0 - Bicycles (Removed by Devs for a reason)
0 - Dirtbikes (Removed by Devs for a reason)

//Server Rules:
- PvP, raiding and stealing is allowed everywhere at anytime!
- Absolutly NO griefing, bullying or other bad behavior.
- Avoid blocking roads, it's enough of shit on the roads as it is.
- Max 4 players per clan, no limits on bases or claims.
- 2 Tents and 3 Landvehicles per player, no limits on boats.

// In-game commands:
!pop = Population, how many players is online on the server you are playing on.
!ping = Check your ping to the server you are playing on.
!base = Base life-time (how long you can leave your base inactive before it despawn).
!restart = Time until the server you are on auto restarts (schedule restarts).
!server = Rules or "message of the day" on the server you are on.
!report = Report cheaters directly after death with this command.
!uptime = Check uptime, for how long the server has been online since last restart.

// About us at Gameaholic.se:
Gameaholic.se is a gaming community founded in 2002. Our association is located in Sweden with a non-profit policy and free membership. Our activity is primarily pointed to European gamers, but everyone who is 16+ and can communicate in English is more then welcome to join. All you have to do to become a member of Gameaholic.se, is to read our rules and register at our forums.

Gameaholic.se "backbone" members go way back, some even to the late 90’s. We took a big part in the creation of the online gaming places “Hjerpeskans” in Vallentuna, “Virtual Experience Online” in Upplands Väsby and “Game Center” in Nyköping. Today we stand united, side by side, doing what we do best, for fun and together as a team. Our crew consists of knowledgeable volunteer members.

Every year we participate with the “Gaming Zone” at the Sci-Fi World Convention in Stockholm. We also arrange Gameaholic.se LAN-meetings in Sweden every year. Filled up with heavy sponsored tournaments, competitions and hardcore gaming in total 4-days.

We play everything from new, upcoming to nostalgic. We’re also doing alot of alpha and beta testing, server building, configuration and administrating of our own game servers together. When it comes to communication we mostly using Discord, but also have a Teamspeak 3. - Welcome in!