Fear Syndicate |Hardcore PVE| |NO RAIDING| w/MODS

Fear Syndicate |Hardcore PVE| |NO RAIDING| w/MODS
Hostname Fear Syndicate |Hardcore PVE| |NO RAIDING| w/MODS
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 0 / 20
Location United States of America
Version 1011078
Platform Windows
Map islands
Registered by T3X
Registered since May 14th, 2019 04:53 PM EST
Last update July 21st, 2019 10:53 PM EST

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Hardcore PVE! Build anywhere with certain exceptions.

Fresh Spawning Player will have
Ruger 22 – 2 mags with 250 rounds each, semi, burst, and auto Modes
Puffy Jacket (Pink and White)
Green Stow pack (20 slots)
CB Radio

AI Spawning
All AI Creatures have more health, BUT DO NOT cause more damage to player
Larger wolf Packs
Larger Spiker Packs
Larger Brute Pack
Larger Brute Hunting Pack
Larger Hoard Sizes (30 sec cooldown between)

Vehicles have 7 day Despawn Timer (Except below)
Pink ATVs spawn in bicycle spawns and have a 3 hour Despawn Timer!
All Vehicles have speed increased
Total map vehicles
Army & Swat – 2 of each will spawn on the map
Dune buggy – 20 will spawn
Pickup Truck – 13 will spawn
Quad – 10 will spawn PINK in bicycle spawns.
Quad – 5 will spawn in all colors OTHER than Pink.
Police Car – 5 will spawn
SUV – 13 will spawn
HumVee – 20 will spawn (in place of towcar)
APC - 10 will spawn (in place of the tractors)
Any Vehicles not listed will not spawn

Craftable Colored Camping Lanterns
Craftable Colored BaseParts!
Craftable Metal Parts!

Portable Small Generates supports up to 10 lights
Starting and shutting off sound are the same, there is not running sound

Water Barrel and Water Collectors both hold 500.000 Liters
Waters Jugs hold 10.000 Liters (has 0 weight)
Diesel Jugs hold 25.000 Liters (has 0 weight)

10 Small & 10 Big – 100 spots in each

Plot Size
Radius of building area increased (X,Y,Z)
Normal distance between houses has remained
500 Total pieces per base

Duffel, Rugged Bags, Gas Canister – 100 Slots
All Stow packs are 20
All backpacks have 0 weight

All Hazmat, Tactical Vests, Flack Vest and GhillieSuits have 0 weight
All Fanny packs 10 Slots and 0 weight
Any clothing not mentioned has normal weight

All ammo in or out of a magazine stacks to 250
All ammo boxes hold 1000 rounds, but will only say 255
All ammo boxes have 0 weight
All firearm have 0 weight
Attachments still carry default weight
All magazines have 0 weight
All Bolt Action Guns take 250 stack of ammo
All Shotguns take 250 stack of ammo
M40, ACAW and Thor all still need magazines and stacks to 250 in the magazine
All pistols are Semi (1 shot), Burst (3 shot), Rapid (Full Auto)
AK74U, AKM, AKM Gold (Dictator), AT-15, Bulldog, DDMK, and DDMK Gold (Reaver) are Semi (1 shot), Burst (3 shot), Rapid (Full Auto)
All SMG are normal fire select
AK74U can support rifle flashlight and laser
Bulldog can support pistol flashing and laser
Vector can support pistol flashlight
MP55 can support pistol flashlight and rifle silencer
R90 can support pistol flashlight
UMP can support rifle flashlight
AP85 can support pistol silencer
CX4 Storm can support rifle silence and rifle flashlight (has rapid mode as well)
ACAW can support rifle flashlight and rifle silencer
M40 can support rifle flashlight
M249 can support rifle flashlight, rifle flashlight, and laser
Custom Firearms, ammo and Magazines are in game (Good Hunting)
Must have Customs Mags for Custom Ammo

World Items
All Brutes have a chance to drop an ammo box, ammo, magazines, coins and guides
All Mutants have chance to drop ammo, and coins
Human Spiders have chance to drop ammo, magazines, coins and guides
Stacks of ammo found in the world will be 50+
Food and water consumption are doubled
Infinite Stamina

Most Items stack to 10, 25, 50, or 100!

All weather patterns have been doubled in length
All weather patterns affect player more severely
Weather patterns changes and run more often

The Stores
Added Fear Shop
You can buy items with Am Coins (prices set in store)
Added Crafting Shop
See discord for full mod list!!!