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Hostname Obvious - Build Anywhere - discord.gg/gHYevmh - Whitelisted Onl
Status Checked 1 hour ago / Online 33 days ago
Players 0 / 36
Location United States of America
Version 1001008
Platform Windows
Map islands
Website http://Discord.gg/gHYevmh
Registered by Corruptt
Registered since August 6th, 2018 10:41 AM EST
Last update August 18th, 2018 07:29 PM EST

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Server Attributes
• Build Mostly Anywhere.
• Short Nights.
• Fair Admins who have no interest in lording over the game.
• KOS is Encouraged
• PVE area
• Raiding is Encouraged.
• Occasional Server Games/Quests with Prizes.
• Admins will provide a startup kit for anyone who joins the server who asks for one. (vehicle, backpack, water, weapon and a plot sign)
1. Build Mostly Anywhere – There are 2 types of places you cannot build.
a. No building on paved roads unless it is at a dead end.
b. No blocking access to a community wide area of necessity;
You cannot block military tent entrances
You cannot block Amcoin Kiosk entrances
You cannot block any part of the Paint Shop
You cannot build inside the police station and cannot block any entrance to it.
With the exception of the Police Station (Hayward) you CAN place your plot sign such that these spaces are part of your plot but you cannot block access to these locations.(edited)
2. No killing or raiding permitted in the PVE zone. However, standing and camping the edge as long as you are not shooting into the PVE zone is all good. The PVE zone runs from the dirt roads edge at the Derby to the water ways all the way west as noted on the map below.
3. Police Cars: Because the admins on this server are also nightly players (PST) they will rarely be logged in as admins. This means they need a way to make their nightly rounds to check the map safely. To do this the Police Cars are clearly marked in the game and can only be used by admins in the course of acting as an admin but not logged in as one. You cannot shoot at someone in a police car for this reason. If a player finds one of these the two Police Cars (that isn't already drivable) and gets it to an admin they will be rewarded!!! All you have to do is take the Police Car to the paint shop, take a screen shot of you beside it and post the shot on discord. We will arrange a drop off of your reward once an admin logs on. (It’s weird, the servers will not let you willynilly alternate between admin and regular player. It only happens at server resets.)
4. No Number Names. We do not allow folks who have all numbers for user names in the server. If you want to join, please use alpha letters. You can have a number in the name but no strings of numbers allowed.
5. No Whining. EVER. If you are a former Just Survive player this may be hard. All the admins are in JS recovery too. Just take a deap breath and remember… It is a survival game where folks kill each other, steal cars and knock their shit down leaving them with nothing but a pig and a rope. That is just how it goes.
6. Don’t be a DickAss. This is a technical term coined by the admins. It describes players including but not limited to; a) wait outside your base after they kill you to kill your freshie as you return, b) talk trash about how the player who just killed them is garbage even though they are the dead one, c) cheat, d) use low fps as an advantage, e) troll in voice or on the radio (so boring.)

How to Join
1. Go to steamidfinder.com
2. Sign in through Steam.
3. Click the drop down menu at your name on the top in the red banner.
4. Choose “SteamID”
5. Choose the steamD64 ID
6. Copy and paste it into the discord channel to the left along with acknowledgment that you have read and will follow the rules.
7. Most evenings and weekends an admin is around and can add you. If not, as soon as one arrives they will add you. If there are no admins around it will not take more than a few hours for one to log on and add you unless it is the middle of the night.