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To avoid chaos we need to have rules. If you want to play on the server it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be informed of what those rules are, not the server owner @MartinHumbles or the server team @Server Admin. Failure to follow the rules will result in you being spoken to by the server owner @MartinHumbles or one of the server team @Server Admin or worse case, a 7 day ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of the rule breaking.

1. PVE:

1.1 Firing on or attacking players in PVE areas is not allowed, unless in the act of defending yourself, base or vehicle. Any reports of breaking this rule should be reported to the server owner @MartinHumbles or server admin @Server Admin on Discord privately. Do not take it in general chat.

1.2 NO Base raiding. This means damaging or trying to get into a base is strictly prohibited.

1.3 Placing traps in PVE areas is not allowed unless within your base bounderies, which should be clearly visible.
2. PVP:

2.1 PVP areas can be seen on the map marked in bright blue. These areas are free of any engagement rules, kill or be killed. If you take your vehicle in to a PVP area and die, expect to lose your vehicle. If you don’t want to lose it, don’t take it into a PVP area.

2.2 Players are allowed to add traps to their base area as a means of protecting their base. All traps must be behind a perimeter clearly marked around the base by the player.

3.1 1 VEHICLE PER PLAYER. This means if you have multiple Steam accounts/bases, you’re allowed 1 VEHICLE ONLY. Failure to follow this rule will result in a 7 day ban from the server and your vehicle(s) removed. Once allowed back on to the server if you break this rule again you will be permanently banned. No more chances.

3.2 POLICE CARS are reserved for the server owner @MartinHumbles and admin team @Server Admin. If you see one out in the world, it is not available to use or take. This will enable players to quickly identify admins out in the world and ask them for help should they need it.

3.3 BUSES are now community vehicles. These are no longer available to keep or be stored, they should be left out in the world for all players to use. Once you have finished using it, please leave it at any of the following areas:

- Gas Station
- Fire Station
- Supermarket

This will allow players without vehicles, or new players, the ability to get around. Please help the server community to keep these vehicles active. If you see one in the world keep it active with parts or take it to a drop off area. With these new vehicle rules in place we expect to see more vehicles available for everyone.
4.0 TENTS:

4.1 1 Tent per player. Again if you have multiple Steam accounts/bases, you’re only allowed 1 TENT ONLY. No matter how many bases you have.

5.1 Building is NOT allowed in the following areas:

- PVP Zones
- Petrol Stations
- Stores
- Churches
- Entrance ways to public areas
- On roads, paths or bridges
- Super markets
- Hotels
- Fire stations
- Military areas
- Vehicle spawn areas
- Tent spawn areas
- Radio towers
- Caves
- Bunkers
- Water towers

5.2 Building is ALLOWED in the following areas

- 1 Storey houses
- 2 Storey houses
- 3 Storey houses
- Warehouse buildings
- Caravans

If you want to build somewhere and don’t see it here assume it’s not allowed until speaking with a member of the server team @Server Admin.

5.3 IMPORTANT: Once you have built your base you must upload a screenshot of your base and it’s location to #base-locations. This will enable us to keep track of everyone. If you move bases, please re-send your details.

6.1 We want to make the Old Gits server and community a fun and happy place to play and socialise. For this reason, please follow the Discord rules.

- English only in chat
- Please use each chat section in the correct way. Trade chat for trade etc.
- No abuse or shaming in the chat area. If you have an issue, please PM one of the server team @Server Admin and we will look into it.
- Please chat to people how you would like to be chatted to (Politely) .

If the rules are followed, it will be a pleasant place for everyone to hang out.

7.1 We don’t want to force players to play on our server but we also need to keep vehicles and tents available for active/loyal players. If you have a vehicle and/or tent and you are spending the MAJORITY of your play time on oth