Phoenix Rebirth - Pve/NoBaseRaids/PvpEvents/DifficultySettings/Jobs

Phoenix Rebirth -
Address Private Server
Hostname Phoenix Rebirth - Pve/NoBaseRaids/PvpEvents/DifficultySettings/
Status Checked 2 hours ago / Online 41 days ago
Players 0 / 36
Location United Kingdom
Version 0111950
Platform Windows
Map islands
Registered by Blackvortex
Registered since October 11th, 2017 07:53 AM EST
Last update December 28th, 2017 01:19 PM EST

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Phoenix Rebirth is a friendly, whitelisted, build anywhere (within reason), player run server offering survivors exciting and never seen before regular events such as “The Madman” and "Death Run".

We prefer to explore this new world that we live in and as such PvE and co-op are our main driving factors. But we do offer PvP events to satisfy those moments of wanton blood lust.

Our server is supported by a friendly and very active admin team with a private discord community and many veteran players exceeding 1000+ hrs who are willing to help in any way; from simple game tips to picking you up when you die so you can collect your stuff. We also offer a job system, soft RP and advance difficulty settings for those brave enough to crave a challenge.

We have implemented a player rank system determined by hours spent in-game type. We have also introduced a translation bot on our discord channel to ease communication with all our foreign members.

If you like the sound of what you have read then please drop by our friendly community via discord; !!now using translator bot!! be understood and understand anyone from anywhere.

All are welcome, players of all levels and people from any age group or region of the world.

Bigotry, discrimination or troll like behaviour will not be tolerated in our community and will be met with swift and heavy ban-hammer justice.

Server Rules
1) Players must be active on discord while in-game and discord name or nickname must match your in-game name. (Voice chat is not essential but is beneficial)

2) Abusive, troll like, derogative or discriminating behavior of any form is not welcome or tolerated here. (Breach of this rule can result in a direct ban without prior warning!)

3) There is no raiding or "banditing" allowed on this server, do not take anything from a players car or base without prior consent.

4) Do not place traps around the world, this increases server load and the server is also PvE and will be viewed as an attempt KoS. Traps around or within your base perimeter are allowed also during events but these traps must be dismantled after the event.

5) Each player (no matter how many accounts they own) can only have one tent, & one vehicle. Friends can keep multiple vehicles at one base, but only ONE tent is allowed per base. These must also be claimed.

6) If owned property despawns due to inactivity of the owner this becomes available for any player to claim. If it despawns due to a glitch/bug the owner can recover it. In the instance of multiple despawns of the same vehicles owners are able to collect their property on a first come first serve basis.

7) Police cars are for Admin use only. If you notice a police car respawned, please report it.

8) When you apply in the #apply-here channel, please tell one of the admins this next sentence so we know you read the rules: Sometimes it’s fun to launch a quad-bike off the Orca dam to watch it explode.

9) Don't block any roads with your base.

10) And finally, no base may be built within 100m of...

- Fire Stations
- Petrol/gas stations
- Military bases or green military tents
- Military checkpoints
- Caves
- Bunkers
- Radio towers
- the Orca dam
- Auto repair shops/Service stations
- Water towers
- the Police Department building in Hayward
- the “Blue Tarp” building in Hayward
- the ”Scaffolding” building in Hayward
- the “Air Crash” building in Hayward