Serious RP

Serious RP
Address Private Server
Hostname - NEW - USA/Canada | PvP | Fast Nights
Status Checked 44 minutes ago / Online 19 days ago
Players 0 / 36
Location United States of America
Version 0111970
Platform Windows
Map islands
Registered by BuckkNaked
Registered since September 16th, 2017 11:29 AM EST
Last update December 3rd, 2017 03:23 PM EST

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General Rules:
You must be at least 18 years of age
You must own a legal copy of Miscreated
Harassment, abuse or disrespect to any member of this community is unacceptable
Hacking, duping or scripting of any kind will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked
Derogatory remarks about race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender and controversial topics will not be tolerated
No rape RP or sexual harassment, this will result in a permanent ban
All ban decisions made by the Administrators are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE
English must be used at all times
You must have a clear working microphone
A valid RP name (First and Last) is required for your character, no blatant celebrity names. Must be put in your miscreated profile and shown on the server.
You must be registered on the forums & Discord.

Forum Rules:
Disrespectful comments and controversial topics are not permitted on the forums
One forum account per person. If there are two forum accounts on the same IP for two different people, both parties must notify the Administrative Team ASAP
You may not post on a player report you are not directly involved in
You may not comment on any whitelisting applications.

Discord Rules:
All avatars must not contain nudity or offensive references
Hot mic, soundboards and voice spam is not permitted at anytime
If the admins asks you to leave a channel you must leave immediately
Don’t use meta information from Discord in-game

OOC (out of character):
You must always be in character while in-game
Saying anything about out of game situations will result in OOC Bans
If you have an issue deal with it out of game after the situation has been concluded

Chat may be used to type OOC to help people with issues or questions or if you are having issues with your game
You may not use other forms of communications other than in game communications to relay information such as locations, rallying or otherwise
You may not meta-game or use any outside information at any time, stream sniping and similar means of obtaining information will not be tolerated.

Server Rules:
You must value your life AT ALL TIMES. You may never tell someone just to kill you because you do not want to deal with the situation
Any disruption to game play or intentionally ruining the experience of others is not permitted
Your display name in-game should be your RP character's first & last name (no usernames or nicknames)
No power gaming, don't take advantage of game mechanics
Blowing up cars or tents for the sake of them re-spawning is considered fail RP. (There is no realistic reason to do so in a post-apocalyptic land with minimal resources)
Dismemberment or extreme mutilation must be agreed upon by both parties since they will be required to RP a disability going forward.

Base Building/Cars Rules:
You may not build anywhere within 20 meters of or block passage to the following: the Amalgamated airfield, the dam (this includes blocking passage of the dam), the Hayward Police department and the Hayward center square (rafters)
You must build realistically: no floating parts, walls cannot be used as removable doors, doors must be built with walls and other parts to hold them up, etc.
As an individual you may only possess and maintain ONE motor vehicle
A clan with two or more people you may only possess and maintain TWO motor vehicles. (Please be honest with this, if you are in a group with multiple bases setup please only use two vehicles to give other bases and people a chance to use/possess a vehicle)

Combat Rules:
Every hostile action has to have a solid role-play reason behind it, you may not kill a compliant person or use a poor excuse to kill them
You may initiate hostile role play from a vehicle however it is your responsibility to insure both parties can hear each other. If the other party does not hear you, you may be guilty of RDM or FailRP
Combat logging of any type is not permitted.
All gun fights are considered finished once it has reached 10 minutes since the last gunshot from any party involved, then you must reinitiate the gun fight verbally
"Stop or die", "Stop the car" and similar variations of initiation is not considered a valid initiation or reason for deadly gun play from the attackers. You may attempt to shoot out tires after a verbal initiation is made.