Update 1.1.1 - 05/17/19

Posted on May 17th, 2019 01:50 PM EST
Player Reservations
  • A server admin can now create reservations for players on their server
  • If a server is full and a reserved player tries to join the server, then a random, non-reserved player will be kicked from the server to free up a player slot
  • The kicked player will be notified they were kicked to make room for a reserved player
  • This is useful for server admins, owners, or VIP guests of the server
  • To manage reservations, use the following RCON/console commands:
    • mis_reservation_add SteamID - to add a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_remove SteamID - to remove a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_status - to list all reservations

Password Protected Servers
  • A server admin can now password protect their server
  • Only players who know the password can connect to the server
  • The server admin will need to add sv_password=password_goes_here to their hosting.cfg file
  • Any players who want to connect to a protected server will need to add the same sv_password to their command line options, or it can be added to a user.cfg file as well
  • A new icon in the server browser UI will indicate that a server is password protected

  • A modder can now add custom chat commands to their server
  • The chat commands are processed via lua, so they are extremely customizable and can invoke hundreds of exposed API calls for the game
  • In addition, the game already has support to modify a player's spawn locations and player loadouts via lua
  • There are some example chat commands in the GameSDK/Scripts/GameRules/Miscreated.lua file

  • There are now two options to respawn - Respawn At Base or Respawn (random)
  • The Respawn still works like before where you will respawn at a random world spawn location
  • If you are a base owner and the base has a crafted bed, then you will also see the Respawn At Base action
  • After you use the Respawn At Base action, you will need to wait 30 minutes before it can be used again, during that time you can still randomly Respawn instead
  • A server admin can adjust the Respawn At Base duration by altering the g_respawnAtBaseTime variable
  • Destroying a player's bed will prevent them from being able to respawn at their base

  • The !restart and !uptime chat commands have been temporarily removed
  • For central, i3d servers, if a game server gets too far behind updating the central database it will force itself to restart
  • Altered mis_kick command so it should more reliably be able to kick players
  • Added specific message that's shown to players if they try to join a whitelisted server but are not whitelisted on it
  • Iron, Coal (Charcoal), and Pyrite rocks added around the map to harvest from
  • Nav mesh updated

Base Building
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players could place a metal base part at the same time
  • Repairing a part now heals 2000 health (was 1000)
  • To upgrade a part it now needs 1 SheetMetal for every 1000 health of the upgraded part. Ex: If the part has 15k health, then you need 15 SheetMetal to upgrade it
  • As long as you have at least 1 SheetMetal in your inventory you will see the Upgrade action. If you lack enough SheetMetal it will inform you how many is needed
  • Adjusted damage types for several items - like Rocks, so they no longer damage plated/metal parts
  • Wooden crates, Furnaces, and Fireplaces no longer take damage from explosions, but can stil be destroyed via melee

  • Fixed duplicated Sheet Metal crafting recipe
  • Sheet Metal crafting time reduced to 0.5 seconds
  • Sheet Metal now requires 4 Iron Ingots
  • Sheet Metal stack size increased to 64
  • Increased requirements to craft Pipe Bombs
  • Iron Ore is now smelted to get Iron Ingots (was Scrap Metal, which can no longer be smelted)
  • Added recipe to convert 1 Wood Log to 2 Stick Piles

  • Increased stack size for Electrical Parts to 10
  • Added Iron Ore item

  • Harvestable Iron Ore, Charcoal, and Pyrite deposits added around the map

  • Explosive damage from Boats and Jet Skis reduced

  • Icons added to the server browser for whitelisted and passworded servers
  • Filter added to filter out password protected servers

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